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Duterte appoints new envoy to the US

Manila — This South East Asian nation is set to install its new envoy to the United States in the name of Marciano Paynor, the current chief Presidential protocol officer.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte divulged the move in a press briefing on Monday following a dinner he hosted for the injured Filipino soldiers. “I sounded over Paynor,” Duterte quipped. The chief executive also revealed that Paynor has already accepted his new assignment.

“He is a seasoned foreign career envoy,” he said. Citing his ample experience in foreign service, President Duterte said he's confident Paynor will be a "good" ambassador to the United States.

Paynor, who is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, will be replacing the outgoing Amb. Jose Cuisia. While former mediamen Robert Borje will take over Paynor's post at the Palace.

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