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Military: 30 Abu Sayyaf members killed

The military believes 30 members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) were killed and 11 more wounded in clashes in Patikul, Sulu on Monday.

Maj. Filemon Tan, spokesperson of the Armed Forces' Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom), said in a press conference on Tuesday that the number is still "subject for validation."

Tan initially reported that 21 ASG members were killed in the clashes, which started at around 4:25 p.m. in Sitio Kan Jaiul, Barangay Maligay in Patikul. A separate encounter happened in Barangay Kutong at around 2:53 p.m.
The Wesmincom spokesperson also reported that aside from the 15 soldiers killed, 29 more were wounded, in the clash.

Marine Col. Edgard Arevalo, chief of the Armed Forces' Public Affairs Office, said in an earlier press conference that 12 were initially reported injured soldier.

Arevalo said the number could increase because several wounded soldiers opted to stay at the frontlines.

“Yung ibang kasamahan nating sundalo they opt to stay on the frontline especially if they feel na [even with] 'yung wound nila, kaya pa nilang ipagpatuloy [ang pakikipagbakbakan]. Gusto pa nilang ipagpatuloy ang laban. Gusto nilang ipagpatuloy ang kanilang mission kahit na sila ay may tama,” he said.

Tan identified soldiers wounded in the clash in Barangay Maligay

Tan identified soldiers wounded in the clash in Barangay Maligay
·         Corporal Edgar P Andales
·         Corporal Ahmad J Nuroh
·         Private First Class Vinjie V Colaljo
·         Private First Class Relindo A Paglinawan
·         Private First Class Rogen D Revira
·         Private First Class Sabeniano B Bercasio
·         Private First Class Juvelito T Bulhano
·         Private First Class Efren G Espenesin
·         Private First Class Jemar V Maictin
·         Private First Class Johnrel R Alalag

Wounded in the clash in Barangay Kutong were:
·         Corporal Greggy Jinggoy F Banog
·         Corporal Joel M Laman

The names of other injured soldiers were not yet available as of posting time.

Soldiers killed in the clashes were:
·         2Lt. Ernan P. Gusto, 33
·         SSgt. Ruel A Catubay, 39
·         Sgt. Jay Erwin L Almohallas, 38
·         Cpl. Omar M Raddulan, 41
·         Cpl. Ronald M Galoniga, 33
·         Cpl. Elid S Ismael, 49
·         Cpl. Salik H Mandangan, 31
·         Pfc. Nestor C Bacaling, 26
·         Pfc. Jison B Falcasantos, 28
·         Pfc. Gerald A Yubal, 29
·         Pfc. Dhendo A Dujo, 32
·         Pfc. Roselito A Arnoco, 29
·         Pfc. Glend C Resma, 24
·         Pfc. Rogelio D Vincoy, 28
·         Pvt. Jonas A Lumayan, 23

Tan also denied reports that some of the soldiers were decapitated.
Arevalo earlier said he has yet to receive a report from the military's commander in Sulu about the alleged beheading by ASG members of some slain soldiers. —ALG, via GMA News 

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