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17 inconsistencies of Edgar Matobato's testimony revealed

The senate inquiry on the alleged extra-judicial killings (EJK) in the Philippines has resumed on September 15. The probe, which was launched by Sen. Leila De Lima, aims to pin down President Rody Duterte for his alleged involvement in shadowy group Davao Death Squad (DDS).

The main subject of the hearing was Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed hitman, claiming he was once a member of the DDS.
Photo courtesy of Abs-Cbn News. Noah Luchansky APF
The hearing was aired live on national TV and was a hot topic online. Many netizens aired their opinions about the revelations Matobato revealed, but many Dabawenyos also said these stories aren't unfamiliar as De Lima also trooped to Davao City in the past.

It can be remembered that in 2009, De Lima launched an investigation to the alleged killings of the DDS when she was still the head of the Commission on Human Rights. That story was widely covered by local media in Davao especially because De Lima also broke laws just to get witnesses to testify against Duterte.

The mood at the hearing was primarily intense, mainly because of the gravity of the accusations that Matobato revealed.

We've seen Trillanes harass Senator Cayetano by intimidating him, even went far by shutting down Cayetano's mic and egging De Lima to declare Cayetano 'out of order'.
Several Senators were also able to ask questions to the witness, but it was also during this time when inconsistencies in his statements were noticed.

According to a Facebook post, there were 17 instances where Matobato provided inaccurate information or deliberately lied.

Below are the 17 times De Lima's witness was caught lying:

1. Nograles did not have any bodyguards that got killed due to politics.

Right after Matobato gave his testimony at the senate hearing, Representative Karlo Nograles immediately belied Matobato's claims. He said no one was killed during his Father's term and when he entered politics. He also added that the political differences between Duterte and his father "has always been strictly on the level of difference in policy and style" and never resulted to any physical confrontation or violence.

The elder Nograles also aired his side. In a phone interview with TV5, former House Speaker Prospero Nograles said...
"Wala akong close-in security na napatay when I was running for (Davao City) Mayor. I was House Speaker at that time. Nung Speaker ako, ang close-in security ko ay mga Marines, mga nasa active service."
2. Paolo Duterte studied in Philippine Women's College (PWC) in Davao and not in Ateneo de Davao.

3. He was never a bodyguard to Paolo Duterte as confirmed by a schoolmate.

4. PAOCTF was abolished in 2001 and not in 2002 thus there was no such meeting.
Former PSSCC Frank Villaroman belied his claims.

5. Richard King was killed in his office at the Vital C building and not at McDo.

6. There is no man named Matobato in CAFGU list as confirmed by the Philippine Army.
7. Imagine 200 bullets riddled to a victim and still alive.

8. Paolo Duterte was taking drugs and based his statement on looks and hearsay.

9. Initially said he was a ghost employee by Davao City Hall and receives 3K per month but later changed it to 5K. 
When egged by Sen. Lacson, he said he's been killing people with no compensation at all.

10. Initial questioning he revealed he killed 50 persons but later on he said it could be 1,000 or more, oh really now?

11. Mr. Matobato said in 2003 then CHR Delima had a police operation to dig alleged graves and was planned to be ambushed (killed) but the now Senator Delima immediately corrected that it was 2009, sino ba talaga ang witness?

12. He alleged that he was a ghost employee in Davao City Hall but at the same time works at the police arm office of the City Mayor and receives monthly wage but COA and City Hall officials has already said there is no such ghost employee practices in the city, ano ba talaga?

13. His confusing statement on who brought him to the Senate to become witness, kaibigan daw nya pero di nya kilala, kilala daw nya matagal na pero bago lang, si father daw sa simbahan ang hiningan nya ng tulong; ano ba talaga koyah?!

14. He said he does not have any cellphones, access to tv, newspapers, or radio; but... the wife of Richard King called him, but... when he was hiding in Pangasinan his unknown "friend" went to him to get him as witness; ano ba ang totoo?

15. He said he killed a certain terrorist with a name, Sali Makdum. But such name cant even be googled, ano super secret lang cya?

16. He said "pinapark daw nila yung van na itim na ginagamit nila pang kidnapped sa GAISANO SUBDIVISION," but there is no such subdivision with that name in Davao, ano imagination lang?

17. He said he executed a notarized affidavit indicating all his revelations being a DDS before he took oath and became witness in the Senate, but that is another lie; there is no such affidavit. All his statement during the committee session is not legally binding but just for show.

The items above originally appeared on a Facebook page Duterte2016.

De Lima successfully evicted Cayetano from the hearing citing the latter's remarks against her. Cayetano talked to the press after leaving the senate hearing.

Senator Panfilo Lacson likened Edgar Matobato, the self-confessed member of the so-called “Davao Death Squad,” to Angelo “Ador” Mawanay, the former whistleblower who tried to link him to crimes but eventually went back on his claims.
As an expert investigator, Edgar Matobato is not a credible witness.
Meanwhile, Senator Tito Sotto also grilled Matobato for his inconsistencies.

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