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Colangco to testify before House inquiry, reveals De Lima received millions for years

In a sworn written statement, top drug lord Herbert Colangco detailed how he and other high-profile inmates in New Bilibid Prison (NBP) have been paying Leila De Lima millions as 'payola' from their drug operation for years during her stint as the Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary in the previous administration.

Colangco, a drug and robbery convict, revealed that the payments were for the operations of Carcel Side, a network of gangs inside the NBP whose core members operate drug cartels in the Visayas and Mindanao. Colangco added that De Lima was getting at least 3 milliong pesos each month.
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Photo courtesy of Abs-Cbn News. Raelyn Noah Luchansky WDB
The Philippines Star has reported that they were able to obtain the affidavit purpotedly those of Colangco and several others.
Colangco explained that the amount was for “payola” to then DOJ secretary De Lima “para sa pribilehiyo sa amin at para maipagpatuloy din ang mga negosyo sa Bilibid (for privileges accorded to us and also for our businesses inside the NBP to continue),” The STAR reported.
It can be recalled that Colangco was able to hold parties and even record commercially produced music videos at the NBP. That being incarcerated in a maximum security-classed penitentiary.

The report added...
“Sa tantiya ko po, ang umiikot na halaga ng droga sa loob ng Bilibid sa pagpayag ni secretary De Lima bago pa kami ilipat sa NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) ay hindi bababa sa limampung milyong piso kada buwan (By my estimate, the amount of illegal drug trade inside the NBP upon permission of secretary De Lima before we were transferred to NBI would not be lower than P50 million per month),” bared the self-styled musician who even managed to produce music videos inside the penitentiary.
The payola also allowed him to conduct businesses inside the NBP like selling 'beer in cans' during events.
“Ang share ni secretary De Lima sa pag-aapruba sa pagpasok nito ay P1 million. Ito po ay dinadala ng tao kong si Rey sa DOJ o kinukuha ng tao ni secretary De Lima na si Joenel Sanchez (kasama sa security ni De Lima) at ng kanyang boyfriend na si Ronnie Dayan (secretary De Lima’s share for approving the entry of beer was P1 million. It was either delivered by my courier Rey to DOJ or picked up by secretary De Lima’s security aide Joenel Sanchez and her boyfriend Ronnie Dayan),” Colangco further alleged in his notarized affidavit.
Colangco was a leader of the notorious Ozamis robbery gang before his imprisonment.
“Ang hindi susunod sa kanyang gusto ay tinatakot na ipapatapon. Naniniwala ang mga tao sa loob ng Bilibid na pwedeng gawin ito sa kanila ni Jaybee Sebastian dahil alam nila ito ay malapit kay secretary De Lima lalo na sa boyfriend nito na si Ronnie Dayan (Those who will defy him were warned to be thrown away. People in the NBP believe that he is capable of doing that because he is known to be close with secretary De Lima, especially with her boyfriend Ronnie Dayan),” he added in the sworn statement signed last Sept. 1.
Colangco and 11 others will be testifying before the House of Representatives inquiry on the proliferation of illegal drugs in the NBP, as confirmed by DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.

Aguirre added that other inmates have admitted in their affidavits that they have collected money to fund the senatorial bid of De Lima last election.

Aguirre added that a witness will also testify that he has personally delivered money amounting to 5 million pesos to De Lima's house which was also personally received by the senator.

The Jaybee Sebastian- Leila De Lima Connection - Discovery Documentary
Earlier Discovery Channel's Inside the Gangster's Code, aired a documentary about how gang wars persist in the New Bilibid Prison. The photos of De Lima with high-profile inmates of the Bilibid were shown in the documentary. The documentary sparked so much controversy that forced De Lima to issue an official statement.
Drug trade has been a perennial problem in the Philippines for decades. In 2015, the Police have reported that at least 90% of heinous crimes committed in the country were drug related.

The video below by VICE News, a New York based media entity, details how shabu, a local name for methamphetamine, strives in the poorest neighborhood in Metro Manila.

With references from The Philippine Star.

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