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LOOK: President Duterte stars in own anime 'El Presidente'

Despite of opposing opinions about his style of leadership, majority of Filipinos still see President Duterte as someone who is 'good' for them - even American expat John Parsons thinks Filipinos now have a real President, one that they are proud of.

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Another proof of this is the anime project entitled 'El Presidente' created by members of Nikkei Jin Anime Club a club at Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School.

A 1:29 video uploaded by the popular Facebook page Bisayaball containing the very entertaining clip.

El Presidente or The President is a term used to refer then Mayor Rody Duterte during the campaign period.

The video opens with a facade of Duterte's humble abode.
This house took the center stage last campaign for its unsophisticated look, a feature that is unusual for a Filipino politician. This house now also serves as a tourist spot in Davao City.

The famous Duterte ballers which were a big hit during the campaign period and the fist, a gesture that Duterte always does.

And who could forget his famous Harley-Davidson bike?

Of course PNP Chief Bato is there!

I wonder who these villains represent in real life.

The video ended with Duterte shaking the hands of (supposedly) Japan's leader and the Philippines flag.

You can watch the entire video below:

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