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Widodo: Duterte didn't give 'green light' for Veloso's execution

Indonesian President Joko Widodo made a clarification on what Philippine President Rody Duterte said to him about Filipino Mary Jane Veloso's case during their meetings last week.
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Widodo clarified that "President Durterte said please, go ahead with the process in line with the law in Indonesia," responding to the inquiries from the media after gracing the opening of a new terminal at Tanjung Priok port on Tuesday.

Duterte was in Indonesia for a 24-hour working state visit on September 8.

The clarification was triggered by a report from JakartaToday saying that Duterte gave a 'go ahead' remark, authorizing the Indonesian government to proceed with the execution of the Filipina Mary Jane Veloso.

Veloso is on death row in Indonesia following a conviction for drug-related offenses.

Widodo was previously quoted saying 'please, go ahead if you want to execute,' a remark which was construed by the Indonesian media as Duterte giving a 'green light' for Veloso's execution.

Philippine President's spokesman Ernesto Abella was quick to deny the reports saying that Duterte never made such remarks. He clarified that the actual statement was 'Follow your own laws. I will not interfere.'

Abella's remarks have also been echoed by the Indonesian officials.

Mr. Widodo also added that he praise Mr. Duterte's resolve in war against illegal drugs.

"I see that President Duterte's consistency in eradicating drugs is really high. There is no tolerance. Thus, he said that he will respect the laws in Indonesia," said Mr. Widodo.

After Duterte's visit, the Indonesians agreed to put Veloso's execution on hold 'indefinitely.'

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