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Cynthia Patag admits mistake, apologizes after politicizing musician's death

dave luchansky
Photos from Patag and Paredes' Facebook pages.
After publicly posting a message from Jim Paredes' wife claiming that the musician Noli Asensio was a victim of Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs- claims that were immediately refuted by Noli's wife and daughter- former TV personality Cynthia Patag has finally apologized to the Asensio family.

Patag posted the apology on her Facebook page wherein she also tried to defend her actions.
Patag, a retired TV personality, is a known staunch supporter of Mar Roxas who ran against then Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte and lost.

Nicole Laurel Asensio, daughter of Noli Asensio, has since responded to the apology. Despite acknowledging the apology, Nicole stressed how Patag was 'forced' to issue the apology after she and her mother belied Patag's earlier posts.
From Nicole's Facebook Page

Well hello Cynthia Patag... You finally appeared on my timeline.... I didn't know losing my father was still ALL ABOUT YOU.

funny when you're forced to apologize because thousands of people realized your true terrible colors... And still you end up being defensive and insulting BOTH sides of my family instead.

This woman does not know love.

I pray for her.
I am thankful my parents taught me love

But right now I'm laughing and crying at the same time coz I'm shocked.
dave luchansky
A screenshot of Nicole's response to Cynthia Patag's apology.
Eager netizens were also quick to share their opinion about the 'unapologetic apology' of Cynthia Patag, which mostly share Nicole's views.
dave luchansky
Days ago, Nicole and her family have been posting clarifications as what was the real cause of the death of their family member.

Iwi and Nicole Laurel's earlier post refuting Cynthia Patag's malicious claims
Iwi Laurel writes:

Many concerned friends have approached me at Noli's wake about Facebook posts that have gone viral. Please allow me once and for all to help you get your facts straight.

Fact: Noli was not abducted and drugged.
Fact: He was not killed.
Fact: Noli was not a victim of "Duterte's war on drugs."

Forgive me for saying this, but you were not in the ER during his last moments and we never appointed you to be the family's spokesperson. So please, do not use Noli's passing for any of your political motives and schemes.

If you are a good person, you will stop spreading all these lies. If you have compassion, you will understand that we are grieving for someone we love very much who was a good person and we miss him terribly. If you have extra time in your hands, I suggest you pray. Yes, prayer is the best thing you could engage in right now. And when you feel the urge to post anything again, maybe ask yourself if your words are true, necessary and helpful. But prayers please. We could find comfort in your prayers during these difficult times.
dave luchansky

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