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Japanese investors eager to meet Duterte

As President Duterte departs for Japan, Japanese businessmen eagerly anticipate Duterte's arrival in Tokyo.

Duterte is set to attend an economic forum wherein he will witness the signing of eight letters of intent (LOI) and memorandum of understanding (MOU) for projects that will be implemented in the Philippines.

Tokyo consul general Marian Jocelyn Tirol-Ignacio said this is intended to "generate investment into the Philippines. We have big companies both in the manufacturing and in the investment sector, in the agricultural sector.”
Many Japanese businessmen have shown their interest to meet the tough-talking President who apparently has created quite a stir mainly due to his pronouncements about the US and other western forces who are trying to get their hands on the internal affairs of the Philippines.

Earlier, President Duterte minced no words as he criticized the US and EU for interference in the Philippines' domestic affairs.

Duterte also firmly announced that he will never yield to any country and that he will never be controlled by any foreign force. He added that he's only loyal to the Filipinos and will work hard for their interests and not for someonelse's.

“The economic forum is important because for the first time, our Japanese business partners will have their first look at the President,” Ignacio said.

“He has generated a lot of interest here in Japan and as you are aware, there is a lot of investment by the Japanese in the Philippines, so what they want to see is they want to know that the 10-point agenda of the President can be expounded and explained possibly in business terms,” she pointed out.

“This is an important meeting if only because he will be meeting the large companies that have invested in the Philippines,” Ignacio added.

Meanwhile, Ignacio said she is hopeful the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project (MSCIP) will proceed smoothly in its second phase of implementation. The BRP Tubbataha has recently been delivered to the Philippine Coast Guard as part of the project.

“We are actually awaiting now the delivery of the second multi rapid response vessel, the first one, which is Tubbataha, has already arrived in the Philippines. So the second one is due for, is already going to be named, in fact, so we hope for delivery at the end of this year,” she added.

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