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October Pulse Asia Poll: President Duterte's approval, trust ratings remain high

Filipinos still largely approve and support President Duterte's leadership according to the latest results of the opinion polls by Pulse Asia.

President Duterte got an astounding high approval and trust ratings in his first 100 days in office. The results which was released on Wednesday, October 12, showed that Duterte got 86% on both approval and trust ratings.
Noah Raelyn Luchansky

The survey, first performance-rated Pulse Asia survey under Duterte's term, was conducted from September 25 to October 1, 2016.

GMA News has reported that only 3% of those surveyed aired their disapproval of Duterte.
It has a ±3 percent error margin at the 95-percent confidence level. Subnational estimates for geographic areas have a ±6 percent error margin.

Some 11 percent were undecided on both approval and trust components.

Meanwhile, 3 percent disapproved of the President and 3 percent noted "small/no trust."

Duterte got the highest approval rating from Mindanao, with 93 percent of respondents appreciating his work. This is followed by Visayas (88 percent), Balance Luzon (84 percent), and National Capital Region (80 percent).

Pulse Asia noted that "ambivalence" toward Duterte's performance "is more pronounced than outright disapproval," with single-digit disapproval ratings across locations and socio-economic classes.

Among socio-economic classes, Duterte got the highest approval rating from Class E with 88 percent, followed by 86 percent from Class D, and 82 percent from Class ABC.

Trust is at 88 percent in Class E, while it's at 85 percent from both Classes ABC and D.
The survey was conducted at the height of attacks from the opposition and 'key developments' including:

* self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato testifying before the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights in its investigation over the alleged extrajudicial killings;
* several international bodies, including the United Nations, and foreign leaders expressing concern over the spate of drug-related killings;
* Duterte referring to Adolf Hitler in an apparent parallel between his anti-drug campaign and the genocide of Jews by Nazi Germany, and his subsequent apology to the Jewish community;
* Sen. Leila de Lima's ouster as chair of the Senate Justice committee;
* the ongoing House inquiry on the alleged proliferation of drugs in the New Bilibid Prison; and
* accusations that the Liberal Party—the ruling party of the past administration—is plotting Duterte's ouster.

Another pollster Social Weather Station (SWS) on Monday also revealed Duterte's trust rating remains 'excellent' at 76%.

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