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Senate witness schools Trillanes about Law at Senate hearing

Thunderous laughter from the gallery. That's what Trillanes got when witness SPO3 Edgardo Lascañas gave a witty answer to Trillanes' questions when he tried to test Lascañas' credibility.
noah siena luchansky

Trillanes asked Lascañas if they were to bring the watch and the sales receipt, if they can verify that the two have the same serial number, what would happen next?

“Your honor, kung relo lang ang basehan sa credibility, parang may problema ata (Your honor, if a watch is the sole basis of credibility, then we may have a problem.)” Lascañas answered to the amusement of everyone at the senate session hall.

In previous sessions, it can be noted that Trillanes and De Lima's witness Edgar Matobato testified that a certain Edgardo Lascañas gave him a 'brand new' watch.

Matobato, a self-proclaimed murderer, testified that President Duterte was behind Davao Death Squad (DDS) when he was still mayor of Davao.

Trillanes continued to egg Lascañas on what he thinks might happen if the receipt and serial number would match.

Lascañas, who has Law credits, turned to school Trillanes about what the law says about his insinuations.

“Your honor, wala pa akong nabasang libro sa law, yung test of credibility ay relo (Your honor, I have yet to read a Law Book where the test of credibility is a watch),” inciting another thunderous laughter from the audience.

Lascañas admitted that he indeed met Matobato from 30 years ago, but only when Matobato offerred him a property on Samal Island.

He also said he gave Matobato a 'second hand' wristwatch contrary to Matobato's claims that it was brand new.

Lascañas ended denying the existence of DDS calling it as a mere 'media hype."

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