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The freshman Journalism student that was me

Remember that time in college when you were asked by your Professor to tell the class your reasons why you are taking Journalism?

That time when you said you want to be the next Ted Failon, Mel Tiangco, Maki Pulido or Ed Lingao.

That time when you said because you want to pursue your passion in telling other people's story. That you want to serve your country. That you want to bring up the issues of the lay people into the limelight. That you want to use the media as a medium to bring change into the society.

Remember that time. Do you think you still hold those aspirations now that you are now working in a real media institution?
dave luchansky
Inquire and work for the people

Goldberg and Russell are bitching about our departure from their control over us.

Sadly, most journalists covering them are patronizing them instead of being critical.

You know, these diplomats have biases. Their allegiance is to their own country. Do we really think they will yield to serve our interests and put aside theirs?

The Americans have interests, so as the Chinese. And Digong knows that very well.

Sans the colorful language and misinterpreted semantics, do you think the concerns that Digong is pursuing aren't valid? Do you think they don't serve the Filipinos' best interests?

Like many others, I loathe Digong's crude language and his inability to construct his thoughts in a manner that conforms to the niceties that the world is used to. How I wish he has Edwin Lacierda's skills in that aspect. But the issues he's trying to address are far more important than those 'elitist' concerns.

Many of you might not be able to see it, but these are very important to me, so as to many other Filipinos. These issues concern me. These issues tell the plight of every poor Filipino.

I know most of you guys hate Digong, but for the love for your country, put your country's best interests above anyone else.

Criticize Digong all you want. In fact, he urges you to do so.

But please stop patronizing Goldberg and Russell and the Chinese. Ask the questions that lay people would ask them. Be the voice of those who are in the laylayan ng lipunan. Don't see these guys as Gods.

Time will come Goldberg and Russell will end their association with the Philippines. They will go back to their homeland. To live the much-raved American dream.

As for us, we will be here. In the land of our mothers and fathers.

Whatever these guys do to our motherland, we will carry its effects, good or bad, throughout our lifetime. Whatever we forge today will be dealt with by the generations to come.

Don't fail them. Be the person that they would like to put on a pedestal when you're already gone.

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