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The reason why Rappler's case study on Duterte supporters is pure BS

Raelyn Luchansky
Dear Rappler,

Just in case you guys are too naive to notice, the #YellowZombies created the #Dutertrolls.

The powerful social media team of Liberal Party is being funded with hundreds of millions. You may want to ask Bam Aquino about that.

Are there online trolls? Absolutely. Are they for Duterte? They make it appear like such. There are people who are manipulating others. Acting like pro Duterte but are just actually instigating word wars between the pro and anti. They do these to drive traffic to their websites. These people have been a headache for the team. The campaign team, even the government has acknowledged the existence of these troll accounts and has publicly requested them to halt such activities in numerous occassions.

That doesn't sound like condoning to me. Does it to you? Then you are fucked up.

Look, there are various sites that publish fake news. These items usually go viral because of their catchy headlines (yep, di kayo nag-iisa). Although fake, people who have no media literacy visit, read and share them.

These sites thrive because of ads placements, just like Rappler does. These people are hijacking Duterte's political capital for their own benefit.

Is this part of a government-sanctioned propaganda? Absolutely not. They have long existed even before Digong announced his candidacy. In fact, Malacanang is scrambling to hunt these people down. As you know, hunting them down isn't an easy feat.

What's funny about your 3-part case study is that you've singled out Duterte supporters. Making it appear like this is exclusively happening to pro-Duterte accounts. A quick scour on Facebook will lead you to thiusands of #Yellow leaning accounts trolling in every news shared on Facebook.

And oh, Maria Ressa, I've read days ago that you were given a list of LP leaning pages like Juan Nationalist, Change Scamming, etc. And do you remember what you said? You said, you guys didn't know about them and that you'll just get back to that person who pointed that out.

I'm not reall sure what's your goal, but obviously, your insinuations are skewed and not factual. No matter now hard you mask it to being balance, your bias against pro-Duterte supporters surfaces.

What happened to your #NoToHate campaign, by the way? It backfired to you, eh?

Well, as they say, what goes around comes around.

Good luck and I wish you will hear good words from your investors the next time you meet.

Truly Yours,
Not paid supporter

The reason why Rappler's case study on Duterte supporters is pure BS The reason why Rappler's case study on Duterte supporters is pure BS Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 5:31:00 AM Rating: 5

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