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LOOK: Complete list of people who signed the 'Stop Miss U Pageant in the PHL' petition

siena luchansky
A few days ago, we have reported that some groups have actually tried to stop the holding of the Miss Universe coronation night in the Philippines. The group, primarily composed of prominent people associated with the Liberal Party, was criticized and accused of 'politicizing' the event.

Liberal Party is the party of Mar Roxas, the anointed Presidential candidate of former President BS Aquino. Roxas lost to now President Rody Duterte.

The petition received lukewarm reception from the Filipino public given its fascination in beauty pageants. Many Filipinos took to social media to condemn the move.

In a Facebook post, a certain Annie Serrano published the supposed letter that was sent to the Miss Universe organizers. The letter was basically asking the Miss Universe organizers to reconsider the holding of the pageant in Manila next year.

Here's the entire post:
Posted by Annie Serrano on Facebook
siena luchansky

This letter went to the Ms. Universe Organizing Committee. If you support our appeal, please write your name and organizational affiliation or occupation on the comment section below.

We appeal to you as organizers of the Miss Universe Pageant to reconsider your decision to hold the 2016 pageant in Manila.

We understand that you already have concerns over issues of political instability and security, and with the Philippines not yet paying the hosting fee for the event. We however believe there is a more fundamental reason why you should not hold the event in the Philippines.

This reason is the objectionable, scandalous, and demeaning sexist attitude demonstrated by the newly elected leaders of our country, by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte, and his cohorts towards womankind. Filipino society has always granted a great amount of freedom and respect to women, but at the same time the gains of womankind in the Philippines have been hard won. True gender equality in terms not only of the law but how laws are applied, and in terms of the attitudes of men towards women, still has a long way to go.

In recent months, chauvinism, brutal shaming, rape jokes and a sweeping disregard for women as persons deserving not merely of a token but true respect has been exhibited by the President of the Philippines with his salacious and sexist comments and treatment of female reporters and opposition figures, which has carried over to his allies in the Philippine Congress.

To hold the Miss Universe Pageant in the Philippines at this time would serve as a reward of this intolerable behavior and excuse such behavior. It would reinforce a troubling trend in our society. It would make your organization a partner to these backward and dangerous steps which are serious violations of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Do not hold Miss Universe in the Philippines. Be a partner for the liberation and not the subjugation of women. Take your pageant elsewhere and do not reward a regime that is trying to turn back the clock as far as women's causes are concerned.
Sincerely yours,
1. Abelle Vargas Nurse
2. Aida CF Santos
3. Aimee Alado Attorney-at-law
4. Aleta Tolentino Lawyer/Professor
5. Aliza Castro Overseas Filipino Worker
6. Ana Maria Quintos Sy-Quia Concerned Citizen
7. Anabel Mayor Milan, Italy
8. Angel Layron Tan
9. Angie Quiambao Concerned Citizen
10. Anj Cacalda
11. Annie Arjona Concerned Citizen
12. Annie Calma
13. Annie Montano-Gutierrez Businesswoman
14. Annie Vicencio-Trinidad Businesswoman
15. Arlene Sollegue OFW
16. Asuncion Santos Y2ML
17. Aurora De Dios
18. Aurora Pijuan Gising Barangay Movement
19. Bambi Illenberger
20. Bernadette Manalang OFW
21. Binky Bagsic Domingo
22. Carmen Lazaro Retiree
23. Carolyn A. Ramos Quezon City United
24. Carolyn Sobritchea VicePresident, UP Center for Women's Studies Fdn
25. Cathy Baldevia
26. Celia Lamkin Founder and Global Chair, NYMWPS
27. Charito Benipayo USP4GG
28. Charito del Carmen OFW / FilCom Japan
29. Chato Maranan Writer
30. Christian Buted Environmental Planner
31. Christian Quindara Bautista Concerned Citizen
32. Cleofe Llamas Alliance of Women for Action towards Reform
33. Consuelo Katrina Lopa NGO
34. Corazon Gupana Housewife
35. Cristina Montiel, PhD Professor, Dept. of Psychology, ADMU
36. Dani Tan Businessman
37. Derly Fernandez Retired VP, Western Mindanao State University
38. Dina Mojica Concerned Filipino Citizen
39. Dinky Soliman Social Worker
40. Elizabeth Doria Owner, Crafts and Curio
41. Elizabeth Nelle AWARE
42. Ellen Gamboa Democratic Warriors
43. Elsa Dela Cruz Housewife
44. Ervina A. Espina Faculty, UPV Tacloban College
45. Evelyn Gorospe Women’s Rights Advocate
46. Fatimah Dupitas South Cotabato
47. Felicitas Centeno Teacher
48. Gel Buan
49. Gina Arnaldo-Policarpio Housewife
50. Ging Quintos Deles Former Cabinet Secretary
51. Gloria E. Pagola Retired Teacher
52. Helena Jonota Gilo Member, Benedictine Oblates of the Phils.
53. Imelda Nicolas Consultant, Intl. Migration and Devt
54. Ines Bautista STDLK
55. Jane Ison
56. Jane Singson Fields USPGG, Washington DC
57. Janet Pimentel-Paredes Board President, NADA Philippines
58. Jasmin Nario-Galace Center for Peace Education
59. Jaz Parado PPVR
60. Jean Solano OFW/Teacher
61. Jinky Tallod Bayang Matuwid
62. Joseph David OFW
63. Josephine P. Perez GZO Peace Institute
64. Jover Laurio BPO Worker
65. Jozy Acosta-Nisperos The Silent Majority
66. Judy Ann Ramirez Accountant
67. Junie Sanchez PPVR
68. Jurgette Honculada PILIPINA
69. Karen Tanada
70. Karina Constantino-David Former Civil Service Commission Chair
71. Kirsten Cavada
72. Koleen Gregorio
73. Lara Concepcion Clemente Nurse
74. Leah Luzada Agao
75. Leah Navarro Convener, Black & White Movement
76. Leny L. Serra
77. Leona Kudo Concerned Citizen
78. Lilia Ramos Alog
79. Lirio Ongpin-Mapa Consultant, Organizational Devt
80. Loida Nicolas Lewis Chair and CEO, TLC Beatrice LLC
81. Loreta Castro Center for Peace Education
82. Loretta Ann Rosales Former Chair, Commission on Human Rights
83. Lot Ortiz Luis Management Consultant
84. Lota Yongco Bertulfo
85. Luz Lopez Rodriguez Gender and Human Rights consultant
86. Ma Gracia Melicor Rigodon Retiree
87. Ma. Asuncion Carlos Professional
88. Ma. Lourdes Echavez Businesswoman
89. Mae Lagunday Convener, PPVR Makati
90. Magnolia Zoleta Document Controller
91. Malou Peralta Democratic Warrior
92. Mardi Mapa-Suplido SecGen, KOMPRE
93. Margarita Holmes Clinical Psychologist
94. Maria Glenda A. Fortuno Physician, Public Health Consultant; TSM
95. Maria Luisa Guinto-Adviento Asst. Professor, Research Director, Sport Psychologist, UP CHK
96. Maria Rosario Piquero-Ballescas Sociologist
97. Maricar Garado STDLK
98. Maridol Mabanta AWARE
99. Marita Adamos Student Activities Coordinator, Assumption College
100. Maritess Fernando
101. Maritess Velasco Joaquin Actress
102. Maritez Agawin Marquinez
103. Mark Tammy Bartolo OFW
104. Marvin Rosal
105. Mary Ann Mendoza Social Development Practitioner
106. Mary Racelis University Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
107. Mca Mac
108. Melody Cantre Concerned Citizen
109. Mercy Abad President, Ahon sa Hirap
110. Merilla Murillo Pecchi
111. Mia I. Aquino
112. Mila Aguilar
113. Mila Marquez Blanquera Concerned Citizen
114. Mila Rivera Director IT Company
115. Mona Matsumoto Concerned Citizen
116. Monaliza Villanueva Cuse Concerned Citizen/OFW
117. Morevel Magallanes Concerned Citizen
118. Myrna T. Pagsuberon ED, Women Interacting for New Growth & Services
119. Narzalina Lim Alliance of Women for Action towards Reform
120. Nikki C. Apostol Concerned Citizen
121. Nina Somera Concerned citizen
122. Norma G. Amata Businesswoman, Zambales
123. Norma Hennessy Adelaide, South Australia
124. Ofelia Samar Sy Cardiologist / Academician
125. Paulynn Paredes Sicam Women Writers in Media Now
126. Purificacion Delos Santos Real Estate Broker
127. Rachel Peralta Concerned citizen
128. Rafael Guarin
129. Raqui Garcia
130. Rem Tagarro
131. Ron Templora Salesman
132. Ros Agpasa
133. Rosanita Serrano Concerned citizen
134. Rowena Macaraig
135. Sandi Suplido Young professional
136. Sheila Mae L. Jallorina Works in Embyrology
137. Socorro L. Reyes Governance Adviser, Center for Legislative Devt
138. Socorro Maminta Concerned Citizen
139. Susie Quiros AWARE
140. Sylvia Estrada Claudio Professor, Dept of Women & Devt Studies, UP-CSWCD
141. Teresita Manto Concerned Citizen
142. Teresita Padilla
143. Tesa Casal de Vela Concerned Citizen
144. Tosca Feria Unit Manager, Philamlife
145. Trifi Labrador PH gov't employee and public employee retiree, California
146. Vee Cabanday
147. Vicky Garchitorena SPARKS
148. Wilma Villanueva Caoile
149. Yols Rafol Esguerra
150. Zenaida Roxas Marquez External Consultant, Business Development
151. Carmen Lauzon Gatmaytan
152. Miren Sanchez Co-Founder, President & CEO, Future By Design
153. Lina Laigo Former Senior Gov’t Official
154. Susan Tagle
155. Marion Villanueva
156. Lorene Baltazar
157. Maxine Tanya Hamada
158. Eloisa D. V. Sy Legal Practitioner
159. Mara Gonzalez-de la Cruz OFW Pharmacist
160. Mike Luz
161. Beth Balsamo Melbourne, Australia
162. Connie Lopez- Madarang
163. Daisy Catherine Mandap
164. Alice C. Morada Lawyer, BOD Lihok Pilipina Foundation, Law Center Inc.
165. Ninotchka Rosca
166. Nikki Jurisprudencia Women and Gender Institute
167. Carmela Ariza
168. Jessie Asuncion Retiree
169. Cecille Paña
170. Lenlen Mesina
171. Kookie Gutierrez
172. Jovie Antiporta
173. Evelyn Ariza Cimafranca
174. Rona Elena Cabading
175. Alma Mansueto
176. Chitchit Cabahug Coca
177. Maridel Alberto
178. Malou Pantua Juanito
179. Rain Mendoza
180. Jocelyn Ariza Gonzales
181. Fhabi Fajardo
182. Ma. Veronica Tayag Retired Professor
183. Anna Fer
184. Matec Villanueva advertising practitioner
185. Teresa B. Fernandez Community organizer
186. Gayle Gupit Mayor
187. Sheila Samonte-Pesayco
188. Carina Evangelista
189. Seny Obay
190. Luchi Ordonez Concerned Citizen
191. Josefina Victoria Camus Musngi
192. Roselle Cabanero United Kingdom
193. Gina Hortelano
194. Renee Magpantay
195. Gina Ordoñez Retired AIM Professor
196. Susan D. Reyes Retiree
197. Maricel Borromeo HD Director
198. Marissa Bernal Espineli
199. Gloria Velasco Delavin Concerned Citizen
200. Patricia Samia
201. Zeny Legore Concerned CPA Citizen
202. Eufrosina Dumlao Retiree
203. Educartes Viloria STDLK
204. Marivic G. Akatsuka Japan
205. Rebecca Demetillo-Abraham Artist
206. Elaine Dichupa Retired international banker
207. Benita Yoro Schiansky Migrant Support Worker, South Australia
208. Georgina Anne S. Gaona M.D.
209. Kristin Louise G. Trenas M.D.
210. Josephine Lim Retired Nurse
211. Elsie Molina Flores
212. Albertine Santi
213. Leticia Abadilla
214. Karlo Cruz
215. Divine Flores
216. Rachel Pena
217. Amor Cecille Almagro
218. Maria Renee Juan Wolff
219. Janet Pimentel – Paredes Board President, NADA Philippines
220. Gianina Santiago Graphic Artist
221. Patricia Sarenas
222. Brenda Batistiana
223. Marlene Destreza Ramirez.
224. Angelita Gregorio-Medel Lecturer, Ateneo School of Government
225. Luz Martinez Concerned Citizen
226. Tina G. Panaguiton
227. Evangeline L. de Pedro Koronadal City
228. Theresa D. Balayon Tupi, South Cotabato
229. Carrie Tharan Mentor in Education Reforms
230. Maripaz Estrella Businesswoman
231. Raul Malarde Employee, Private Org
232. Elnora Ebillo Producer/Director, Sheba Productions
233. Lorna Reyes-Sabino Employee, NGO
234. Julian Corrigan Freelance Model
235. Pinky Villarama Evangelista
236. Maricel Amores HD Director
237. Beatriz Peña Counselor
238. Jaime Antonio Jr. GAD Consultant
239. Maria Teresa Gongora Joven
240. Gettie Sandoval PILIPINA
241. Lilia Jimenez Marfil
242. Karding Hilton
243. Lamberto Espiritu Feminist
244. Sister Arnold Maria Noel
245. Rowena Caguimbal Ignacio
246. Marilyn Sanchez
247. Anna Mary Ellen Obach History Teacher and Language Mentor
248. Lan Mercado
249. Lourdes Polotan
250. Jesilyn T. Tadeo mother; private company employee
251. Marjorie Espiritu World Bank
252. Ira Pahila Government Employee
253. Mavic Cabrera-Balleza Global Network of Women Peacebuilders
254. Andrea Lizares Si Lawyer
255. Precy Platon-Tica stay-at-home mom, Canada
256. Wilfredo B. Tica Ford-Canada
257. Wilfredo De Mesa Lansangan Retired US Merchant Marine
258. Mary Jennifer Dugan Dayrit
259. Jenny Romero Llaguno
260. Gemma Cruz Araneta writer, ex-Sec. of Tourism
(Updated as of 10 PM of October 18, 2016)
After the news of the petition broke out, reigning Miss Universe, Filipino Pia Wurtzbach, was quick to defend the pageant and immediately reassured everyone that she will do everything she can just to make sure that the country's hosting of the prestigious pageant won't be impeded.

Indeed, Pia Wurtzbach delivered.

Despite gaining protests from women's rights groups, the holding of the next installment of the Miss Universe pageant in the Philippines has been finally announced.

READ: Mall of Asia Arena napiling venue ng Miss Universe pageant

In a news conference on November 3, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said the coronation ceremony of the next installment of Miss Universe will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena on January 30, 2017 at 5 a.m Philippine Standard Time.

See you in the Philippines next year!

LOOK: Complete list of people who signed the 'Stop Miss U Pageant in the PHL' petition LOOK: Complete list of people who signed the 'Stop Miss U Pageant in the PHL' petition Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 12:04:00 PM Rating: 5

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