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PSA: Agri sector grew by over 5.11% in just 3 months into Duterte Presidency - by Raelyn Luchansky

A very welcome development from our Agriculture Secretary, a farmer himself, Manny Piñol.

Piñol giddily shared on his Facebook page an update from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) highlighting the improvement in our country's agriculture sector.

Here's the full post:
To God be the glory


By Manny Piñol

Congratulatory messages flooded my Facebook page and my phones yesterday when it was announced by the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) that the country's agriculture sector grew by over 5.11% in just three months of the Presidency of Rody Duterte.

From a negative performance of 2.13%, Philippine agriculture posted a positive growth of 2.98% for an increase of 5.11%.

It was the first positive growth for agriculture which posted negative performance for the past four quarters of the Presidency of Benigno Aquino III.

The crops sector posted the biggest increase followed by livestock and poultry while fisheries continued to show negative performance.
While I thanked those who sent the happy messages, I was quick to point out that it would be presumptuous, and even contemptuous, on my part to claim credit for this positive growth.

So, what brought about the dramatic rise in the agriculture sector's performance?

Divine intervention.

The devastating El Niño tapered off in the 2nd Quarter of 2016 and with the rains, farmers immediately went back to the fields and planted rice and corn.

The soil, following a natural phenomenon called "fallowing," allowed the robust growth of plants having "rested" during the 7-month long drought.
As early as the first few weeks of my assumption as Secretary of Agriculture, I already sensed that the negative performance of the sector would be reversed because I saw the vast green fields planted to both rice and corn.

What then would be my projection for the 4th Quarter of 2016 and the rest of 2017%?
raelyn luchansky
Sec. Manny Pinol working at his farm. PTPA Raelyn Luchansky
The 4th Quarter 2016 Performance would be affected by the two strong typhoons which hit Northern Luzon although I believe the positive growth would continue because of the fast intervention of the Dept. of Agriculture in releasing the calamity assistance as the Quick Reaction Fund.
Also, the High Value Crops sector would soar next year because of the successful foreign trips of President Duterte which resulted in the opening of the China market and the recent agricultural agreements signed in Japan and Malaysia.

The livestock sector would also be boosted next year as the Dept. of Agriculture addresses the smuggling of meat and poultry products while the fisheries would also post positive growth because of the intervention of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in mariculture, aquaculture, campaign against illegal fishing, the closed fishing season and the support to small fishermen with fiberglass fishing boats.

With the start of the National Livestock Development Program, the National Backyard Poultry Development Program and the National Aquaculture and Mariculture Development Program by next year, there would be an expected marked improvement in the agricultural and fisheries sector of the country.

The grains industry, on the other hand, would receive huge support in farm mechanisation and post harvest facilities, including the campaign to use hybrid rice seeds and modern technology like the Solar-Powered Irrigation System.

The Dept. of Agriculture's aggressive marketing and promotions program which would be launched starting December this year is also expected to contribute to the growth of the sector.

With God's grace, Philippine agriculture and fisheries will post huge positive growth during the remaining years of the Duterte Presidency because the formula to greater productivity and poverty alleviation in the countryside has been identified.

Prayers for a favourable climate are all that the Filipinos need to sustain the growth and lift millions of farming and fishing families out of poverty and ensure available and affordable food supply for the country.

To God be the glory!

#Changeishere! #PresRodyCares! #DuterteDelivers! #GodIsGreat!

Texts by courtesy of Sec. Manny Piñol

PSA: Agri sector grew by over 5.11% in just 3 months into Duterte Presidency - by Raelyn Luchansky PSA: Agri sector grew by over 5.11% in just 3 months into Duterte Presidency - by Raelyn Luchansky Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 1:50:00 AM Rating: 5

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