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Change Has Come: Universal Healthcare Budget for Filipinos Approved

-P3 billion increase in the PhilHealth was approved so that all Filipinos will now be covered by the universal healthcare program, while indigent patients will not have to pay for anything in government hospitals under the No Balance Billing (NBB) policy.
-Additional funds for the Department of Health (DOH) worth P1.521 billion for the Doctors to the Barrio program, construction of additional health facilities, and medical assistance to indigent patients; as well as the P2.646 billion allocation for the establishment of DOH-Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers in regions which do not have such facility.
Starting next year, indigent Filipinos do not have to worry about their hospital and medicine bills as the national government has allocated additional budget to shoulder all of these aimed to alleviate the plight of our needy countrymen.

This was announced by Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Rossel-Ubial during her visit to Integrated Provincial Hospital Office (IPHO) in Maguindanao wherein she inaugurated the first ever CT Scan machine for the IPHO.

“There’s no need to hold any card of PhilHealth, just prove to us you are a Filipino, you are entitled to be covered by health benefits, the PhilHealth will take care of the hospital billings and other concerns,” she said.

Ubial also announced that the Budget Department has paid the 32 Billion out of 42 Billion arrears of PhilHealth last November putting the Health Department in a better financial standing.

“This the is first time in [DOH] history ... President Duterte has exerted all efforts and expect changes in the next days ... poor patients will leave hospitals with no billings balance,” Ubial added.

The national government will also start subsidizing medicines from the money that it got from PAGCOR.

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That means Filipinos no longer have to buy their medication from pharmacies as they can get it from the government health program at no cost to them.

Ubial said the President Duterte has only one directive to her, “Just take care of the poor, I'll take care where to find the money.”

Filipinos finally have a President that puts their welfare first above anything else.

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