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'Stapling' money is against the law

Here's a friendly reminder for our beloved Ninong and Ninang.

Facebook user Jason Arlan Pilaza Raval who apparrently works at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) or the Philippines Central Bank shared this very important reminder on his Facebook account.

Here's his full post.

Just a friendly reminder.

STAPLING money is against the law. It is equivalent to defacing or mutilating money.

No, I highly doubt that people will get jailed for it. But just think of this:

When we staple, deface, or mutilate our money, the BSP needs to shred these and replace them with new ones. The BSP regularly replaces old or mutilated bills but ruining money on purpose forces the BSP put out more new bills. This means more cost to the BSP and therefore we remit less dividends to the National Government which could have been used for social services, infrastructure projects, etc.
Yes, I gave a short lecture to the cashier who gave me this as change. I even showed my BSP ID to add credibility. Hehehe...

ADDENDUM: The same is true with writing on or putting stamp marks on our money. I've seen many cashiers and money changers do this. Let's keep our money clean. :)

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