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Leah Navarro tries 'investigative journalism' to pin down Duterte on Project NOAH blunder, immediately regrets it

Project NOAH is the country's primary disaster risk reduction and management program under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). It was initially launched by DOST and its attached agencies, and the University of the Philippines.

It's a program that was started in 2012 under the administration of BS Aquino III - the patron of former singer Leah Navarro that she loyally serves.

According to its website...
NOAH’s mission is to undertake disaster science research and development, advance the use of cutting edge technologies and recommend innovative information services in government’s disaster prevention and mitigation efforts. Though the use of science and technology and in partnership with the academe and other stakeholders, the DOST through Program NOAH is taking a multi-disciplinary approach in developing systems, tools, and other technologies that could be operationalized by government to help prevent and mitigate disasters.

NOAH’s immediate task is to integrate current disaster science research and development projects and initiate new efforts within the DOST to achieve this objective. Presently there are nine(9) component projects under the NOAH program, namely:

Hydromet Sensors Development
Flood NET – Flood Information Network
Strategic Communication
Disaster Management using WebGIS
Enhancing Geohazard Mapping through LIDAR and High-resolution Imagery
Doppler System Development
Landslide Sensors Development
Storm Surge Inundation Mapping
Weather Information Integration for System Enhancement (WISE)

The current NOAH Program team is composed of the scientist-leaders of these projects. The country’s warning agencies: PAG-ASA and PHIVOLCS are also represented.
Krissia Luchansky
Sunday evening, the news about the government's move to stop Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) surfaced.

In her excitement to put the current administration in a bad light, Leah Navarro immediately jumped into conclusions that the President himself wanted the program to be shut down.
Krissia Luchansky

Then she got a reply...
Krissia Luchansky

Little did she know... it was actually the minions of her patron that is putting the program under threat as manifested by the Project NOAH's executive director Dr. Mahar Lagmay.

Buuuuuurn!! That must have hurt really bad.

Then the loyal #YellowZombie Leah Navarro went on trying to salvage her bleeding face.
Krissia Luchansky

"Two years ago ay pinapatay na po kami by some officials of government. Long before Duterte's term."
"Iyong dating pumapatay ay sila pa rin iyon."
Lagmay ended the twitter banter optimistic that President Duterte would do something about the funding for the program.

Leah Navarro tries 'investigative journalism' to pin down Duterte on Project NOAH blunder, immediately regrets it Leah Navarro tries 'investigative journalism' to pin down Duterte on Project NOAH blunder, immediately regrets it Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 1:56:00 PM Rating: 5

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