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LIVE: President Duterte holds conference at Malacanang Palace; Here's the summary of his statements

President Duterte meets the press after the joint PNP-AFP conference
After convening both the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) generals and staff, President Duterte faced the press at the Reception Hall of Malacañan Palace on January 29, 2017 to give updates on the current state of the country.


-President Rodrigo Duterte asks Dumlao to resign within 24 hours or a 5-million bounty will be given to those who can find him, DEAD OR ALIVE.

-Duterte: Itong sa Koreano, the place was incidental. They could've killed him anywhere, but that it had to be Crame was bad. We admit that.

-Duterte: Bato offered to resign yesterday. But I declined it because it would not contribute anything.

-Duterte: The correct way to solve this is to go after the persons who perpetrated the crime.

-Duterte: Crime is personal, hindi mo mapapahid sa ibang tao 'yan, and not as severe as ousting the chief of PNP just because the perpetrators are policemen and it took place inside PNP Headquarters.

-Duterte: I did not react because I was waiting for everything to come out.

-Duterte: Itong Dumlao, he keeps insisting hindi siya involved pero he was. Investigators told me siya ang mastermind.

-Duterte: I have to spend this much because you put the reputation of the police in shambles.

-Duterte: P***i** kang Dumlao ka, kung 'di ka lumabas...I'm giving you exactly 24 hours. And then the reward goes into effect. Dead or alive.

If you bring him dead, the better. I won't have to ask anymore questions. I think alam na natin kung ano ang nangyari.

-Duterte: The greatest danger mankind is facing is extremism. There's a group in the Middle East named ISIS, they kill without compunction.

-Duterte on ISIS: It's mass insanity. And (Isnilon) Hapilon was given the blessing to head ISIS here.

-Duterte: He's somewhere in Lanao, and we have a full-time military operation against him. Historically, he uses bombs and IEDs.

-Pres Duterte has a stern warning vs US military for unloading arms in Palawan, Cagayan de Oro and Pampanga areas.

-Duterte seeks urgent help, arms from China to aid in fight against terrorism.

-Duterte to US military: Do not unload your arms in the Philippines. I will not allow it.

Duterte: US cannot build depots for arms. Depots are permanent and are not allowed in Visiting Forces Agreement.

You keep doing this, and I will have to review the VFA.

I have two choices. Destroy the American structures and go to war, or talk. Kaya ba natin?

Duterte says China's missiles are aimed at US forces; PH will be affected if US has permanent depots here.

-Duterte to China on West Philippine Sea: We have to talk. You claim it as yours, we claim it's ours. And I believe it is ours.

-Duterte: I would not allow my people to needlessly die. I would be the worst president.

-Duterte: I would like to assure China Pres. Xi Jinping that I stand by my word.

-President Duterte says Rafael Dumlao now in police custody.

-Pres. Duterte has offered a P1-M reward for 3 NBI agents also involved in kidnap-slay of Jee Ick-Joo.

-Duterte: Kung paalisin ko si Bato, what good would it do to the police? If there are scalawags in Crame, they will continue with, w/o Bato

-Duterte: Kayong mga pulis, corrupt talaga kayo. It's in your system. Given the power to enforce the law, ginamit niyo 'yan sa kalokohan.

-Duterte asks PNP chief Dela Rosa to review reinstated policemen, says 40% of policemen are corrupt.

-Duterte: Ang civilian dito sa Pilipinas, dapat makalakad nang hindi takot. Dapat ang kriminal matakot makita in public.

-Duterte to PNP, NBI: Kung makita niyo sila, arrest them. If they refuse to surrender peacefully, at nanlaban sila, kill them.

-Duterte: Ang kalaban natin dito ang mga pulis na kriminal.

-Duterte: Naka-kidnap, naka-holdap kayong mga p*****i** kayo, tapos nagsweldo pa kayo.

-Duterte: Ang mga pulis sa Basilan, kulang. We will increase our presence in Basilan. I would like to establish control in Basilan and Lanao.

-Duterte to criminals: I've said it many times. You do not monopolize evil in this country.

-Duterte: I will ask the Speaker, senators, congressmen to revisit the laws on police organization, ranking.

-Duterte: Ibabalik ko ang theft, robbery, homicide, arson divisions.

-Duterte on PNP: Dito sa Pilipinas, kung saan ka sanay, doon ka dapat i-assign.

-Dela Rosa on offer to resign: I wanted to give the president the pre-hand of choosing someone to replace me and do the job as expected.

-Dela Rosa: I did not want to add more embarrassment to the PNP, the country.

-Duterte: Dela Rosa offered to resign to save the reputation of the police.

-Dela Rosa on offer to resign: I wanted to give the president the free hand of choosing someone to replace me and do the job as expected.

-Duterte to suspects: Because of the gravity of charges and the stupidity of crime they committed, I suggest they stay inside the prison.

-Duterte: Bakit daw ako pumunta sa birthday ni Bato noong nangyari 'to. Why? Should I lose my civility?

-Duterte: Kung may anak ako na into corruption in government, I will resign. You have my word.

-Duterte: Walang naloloko kung walang loko-loko. Wala ring loko-loko kung walang nagpapaloko.

-Duterte to public officials: Do not ever twist the rules just to accommodate anybody.

-Duterte on suspect SPO3 Sta. Isabel: How could he have made P20-M in his lifetime? I'm not derogating the famiy; siya lang mismo. This is what happens when you crave material things you cannot afford.

-Duterte: Kayong mga pulis, if you want a better deal in life, get out of police force and do business.

-Duterte to corrupt police: You're the ones prone to committing crimes again and again and again.

-Duterte says gov't officials, directors do not always go to work; accuses them of abandonment of work and dereliction of duty.

-Duterte to gov't officials: I welcome anyone there who's been hurt by your neglect to file charges before the DILG.

-Dela Rosa on Rafael Dumlao's surrender: He called up Col. Glenn Dumlao, the one investigating the case, to say he's willing to tell all.

Sinabi sa akin ni Dumlao ang lahat. Kung sino kasama, kung bakit yung Koreano, kung ano ang motive.

As directed by the president, we will dissolve all anti-drug units of PNP at all levels, including all anti-illegal drugs.

-Pres. Duterte clarifies that PNP chief Dela Rosa was not part of command conference, which is why he was not informed of Dumlao's surrender.

-Defense Sec. Lorenzana: We are using all available assets, supported by air assets, to combat terrorist threats.

-Lorenzana: As of now, we're only look at Lanao del Sur for possible ISIS links because of the Maute group.

-Lorenzana: I think ISIS asked Hapilon to go to Lanao del Sur to join with the Maute.

-Lorenzana says he does not think the ISIS problem will grow because the groups in Butig are surrounded by military.

-Duterte: Itong PNP cleansing, madali naman. You just have to look at records and see which officers have previous cases of extortion. I will give them new uniforms and combat boots and reinstate them in Basilan.

-Duterte: I have raised the drug level to the issue of national security. Military will be doing police work.

-Duterte: I've suffered losses, 19-21 men. All of them were to the drug war.

-Duterte calls the Christians who sinned and converted to Islam in Mindanao "matitindi"; says they joined ISIS for protection.

-Duterte: The corrupt police are now a new strain of the original crime problem.

-Duterte: I will extend the drug war to the last day of my term.

-Duterte says he wants more cameras in use during police operations to prove suspects do not surrender peacefully.

-Duterte: Every time there's a dead guy na sinasama sa tabulation ng mga stupido, EJK aga. Sira ba mga ulo ninyo?

-Duterte: Men judge best when they condemn. Lahat ng kasalanan, husgahan mo, isama mo na sa mga ayaw mo.

-Duterte: I'm not running on popularity. My rating might go down to 1 or 2%. I don't give a s***. I have a duty to do, and I will do it.

-Duterte sa mga Pilipino: Kung kayo na ang maghingi [ng martial law], mag-isip muna ako. Kapag tao na ang nanghingi, ibibigay ko.

-Duterte: When the time comes na ang tao na ang maghihingi, ibibigay ko. Pero ako, satisfied na ako with what is available to me now.

-Duterte: You think a police general would kill a Korean just to undermine the country, wreak havoc on the country, just to take over?

-Duterte clarifies that the police officers that he wants to reassign to Basilan, Jolo are those who have cases but have been acquitted.

-Dela Rosa: I will do my job to the best of my ability, and I hope I will not fail the president and the Filipino people.

-Duterte on Dela Rosa: I expect him to fight crime, and to fight policemen who commit crime.

-Duterte: Ang daming heinous crimes na nangyayari dito. Pero iba 'tong kaso na 'to kasi Korean siya. It has had international implications.

-Duterte: As fast as we discover corrupt, indolent gov't directors, I will opt for summary dismissal.

-Duterte: I said, "this government will be clean." Ang malaking magnanakaw noon, Cabinet officials. It was all corruption.

-Duterte: I cannot read a criminal's mind. But I can show them by example.

-Duterte: Ang problema sa pulis, pag nahuli, and na-suspend, that same day, ang pamilya nila wala nang makakain.

-Duterte: That is why I said I would protect the pulis. Bibigyan ko 'yan ng abogado.

-Duterte: I would not protect liars. Pero saan ba ako maniniwala? Naturally, I expect my military and PNP to tell me the truth.

-Duterte: The ISIS is recruiting everybody. The ISIS, sabi nga nila, come hell or high water, they will establish the caliphate.

-Duterte on fighting terrorism: I will use the bombs and heavy artillery. Yung mamatay diyan, sorry nalang, collateral damage.

-Duterte says the US armed forces are deploying tanks in certain areas of the PH.

-Duterte on new strategy in drug war: I said I will establish a new command. It will be partnered with PDEA. Ang overall head will be PDEA.

-PDEA Dir-Gen Lapeña: We are doing cleansing within PDEA. We consider this as important as the campaign against illegal drugs.

-Duterte on US Pres Trump's immigration ban: Kung may mga policy siya to protect his country, I will understand.

-Duterte on Trump: Sinabihan niya ako na they will not interfere in our drug war. Out of respect, I can only answer him in the same manner.

-Duterte to Filipinos living illegally in the US: Get out. If you get caught and deported, I will not lift a finger. It's a violation of law

-Duterte: In the name of humanity and God, we'll make some adjustments. If there's a compelling reason to offer sanctuary to refugees, okay.

-Duterte on refugees: If they cannot go anywhere, except to die of hunger, we will consider taking them in. But with concurrence of Congress.

-Duterte: Sa EDCA, US forces are not supposed to build permanent settlements. A depot for arms, malaki 'yan.

-Duterte: For me, things might go out of control dito sa posturing ng US at Chinese.

-Duterte to visiting forces: Sige, mag-exercise lang sila diyan. Pero kung sabihin nilang mas magaling sila? Sila pa kaya turuan natin.

-Duterte: America is a war machine. If they don't stop going to war, the economy of California will collapse.

-Duterte orders 'full-press' military operation in Lanao.


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