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UP, Ateneo, DLSU students duped into attending an LP propaganda rally? Email exchanges from #LeniLeaks suggest

When prominent social media personality Sass Sasot exposed #LeniLeaks, suspicions of many were proven to be true.

Liberal Party (LP) supporters have been planning to destabilize the Duterte government through black propaganda, misinformation and portraying Duterte as a ruthless dictator in the international community courtesy of the powerful 'media' machinery funded by Loida Nicolas-Lewis.
When President Duterte announced months ago that Loida and her cohorts are planning for his ouster, Filipinos didn't have anything but the words of the President. Today, that has just changed. Filipino people just got hold of empirical evidences that prove the plot against the President is real and is now in progress.

That could well explain the 'media blitz' that we've been witnessing since Duterte assumed the Presidency. International media entities like CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and many others have been broadcasting exaggerated and inaccurate stories about Duterte's war on drugs.

#LeniLeaks and LP's sinister plans
If you have no idea what #LeniLeaks is all about contents of the Yahoo Group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) that apparently belonged to the people rallying behind Vice President Leni Robredo. People like the billionaire lobbyist Loida Nicolas-Lewis, her sister Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Chariman Imelda Nicolas, CFO Commissioner Jose Manalo Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer US Bureau columnist Ted Laguatan, ABS_CBN Europe News Bureau correspondent Atty. Gene Alcantara and Northern Europe civil society leader Filomenita Mongaya Hogsholm.
raelyn luchansky

Based on the contents of the recently discovered Yahoo! group, these are the people who are calling the shots and presumably provide the funding for LP's propaganda campaign in and out of the Philippines. Their influence are more than enough to topple a government.

Specific instructions were channeled through the group and many of them, we've seen to have materialized in the recent months.

From the Marcos Burial demonstrations, to 'Duterte Resign Now' efforts, all of these were heavily discussed in the group.

As a student myself, there's this one discussion that really piqued my interest.

The email, dated November 2, 2016, Inquirer columnist Ted Laguatan wrote to Randy, Vicky, Karina and Mely instructing them to gather more people to join mass protests versus President Duterte.

He specifically asked for "prominent personalities such as FVR, NoyNoy Aquino, Winnie Monson, Kiko Pangilinan, Cardinals Tagle, Ledesma, etc. Organizations such as the CBCP, Ateneo and La Salle and UP alumni and student organizations..."

Here's a screenshot of the email from Yahoo Groups.

The implication of LP's action is clear: they are hijacking any issue to propel their lust for President Duterte's ouster. This is extremely insulting for people who genuinely oppose the Marcos burial for the right reasons. For LP, their politics trumps anything else.

They have used innocent students and people to advance their agenda- a typical LP move!

On his Facebook account, De La Salle University Professor Antonio Contreras cried foul of the deliberate attempt to use innocent students in political propaganda.

He wrote "I am offended by this. They used our students. They undermined what we teach."

UP, Ateneo, DLSU students duped into attending an LP propaganda rally? Email exchanges from #LeniLeaks suggest UP, Ateneo, DLSU students duped into attending an LP propaganda rally? Email exchanges from #LeniLeaks suggest Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 5:24:00 AM Rating: 5

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