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De Lima evades arrest at her home - by Siena Luchansky


Here's a live picture outside of Leila De Lima's office in the Senate:

We're expecting the PNP CIDG to serve the arrest warrant for De Lima any moment from now.

Many Filipinos were left baffled why Leila De Lima took the extra mile and insisted on being arrested at the Senate while court officials could simply serve the Arrest Warrant at her home.

As a matter of fact, that's exactly what the authorities did. PNP CIDG went to De Lima's house only to find out that she's not around.

Apparently, she left her home even before the court officers arrived at the premises of the subdivision where she lives.

Where did she go? She went back to the senate.
While the officers were waiting outside her house, De Lima is in her office at the senate, speaking on live TV pleading the arresting officers to wait until the morning before they could arrest her.
'Yung usapan namin bukas na ako aarestuhin. Pakiusap lang sana. 'Wag nila akong piliting arestuhin ngayong gabi.
Hindi po nila dapat piliting pumasok dito para arestuhin ako. Hindi naman ako aalis. So 'wag ho nilang pilitin 'yan. Hintayin lang nila ako sa labas.
De Lima said to the media.

Here's a more believable theory.

When pressed for her real intentions...

Media: Maam hindi niyo po gagamitin ang Senate as sanctuary para hindi kayo arestuhin habang wala pa 'yung tugon sa mga legal remedies n'yo?

De Lima: Hindi naman siguro.

Here could be another reason:

A staunch critic of the administration, a senator being arrested at the Senate will be more theatrical. The optics will be superb. It would send chills to the people watching here and abroad.

With those pictures, the Yellow Zombies could easily propagate spins versus Duterte like Martial Law, Freedom of Speech and Dictatorship.

With Liberal Party's machinery- headed by their chief spinner Edwin Lacierda- they could easily besmirched President Duterte's image in the international community like they have been doing since last year.

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