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Duterte Youth Profiles: Outstanding officers and commanders from various universities

By Cox Xee
It is the people like you JIM ang sumira at nagwasak na tunay ng adhikain ng EDSA.

because the video doesn't show your stance as a democratic, principled, fair and decent freedom fighter. check the video. anyare JIM? san na ang dating mahinahon na Jim Paredes. you were a bully here JIM PAREDES, were you not?

is this how you celebrate people power Jim? is this how you claim mapayapang paraang pagbabago? is this how you celebrate that freedom and democracy has been restored that Duterte has trampled upon?

then how could you do this to a very small group of 5 youth with a streamer defending a duly elected President... they are not even heckling, not shouting but just stood their ground... eto ba ang demokrasya na ipinaglalaban ng hanay mo? infront of the shrine?

who is curtailing whose right, Jim? a right to peaceful assembly which is one of EDSA's memorable highlight.

not Jim Paredes. not an icon of democracy and freedom. panunupil pa siguro sinabi mo pang duwag ang mga bata.

DUTERTE YOUTH: Outstanding officers and commanders from various universities

Former DILG Secretary Raffy Alunan shared some information on the background of the people that Jim Paredes berated during the EDSA 1 commemoration.

He said "A mistake was made in the heat of frustration resulting in the desecration of the Spirit of EDSA. Let us not bully and trash talk others especially when they're much younger, and let's disagree without being disagreeable."

The du30 youth were/are outstanding ROTC officers and commanders of various universities. that explains their calmness, discipline and fortitude in the face of provocative verbal abuse. they possessed qualities of leadership and courage under fire. they were: John Patriarca (Former UP Visayas ROTC Corps Commander), Ronald Gian Carlo Cardema (Former UP Diliman "Vanguard" ROTC Corps Commander), Billy Villareal, Jozef De Guzman, Joshua Casimiro, Robert Garcia, Adrian Alfafara (TUP ROTC Corps Commander), Jasper Ugali (Adamson University ROTC Corps Commander), Bryan Dequito (Arellano University ROTC Corps Commander). true officers and gentlemen. you did us proud. CARRY ON!

"From what i saw in the video, the young du30 protesters silently stood their ground and refused to be drawn into a shouting match that could have easily spun out of control. they kept their calm and cool. shouting at them and telling them to clear out was the complete opposite of the edsa spirit that we practiced 32 years ago when we welcomed everyone with open arms or, at least, kept a respectful distance to avoid a confrontation until the time was ripe for peaceful contact. what i saw was sharp division and the disconnect between my generation of edsa vets - who failed to sustain the spirit and narrative of edsa, that of national unity and transformation for a better Philippines - and the youth. what i saw in the video was far from that narrative. we have to work harder to close our gaps if we are to survive in the the long-term," he added.

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