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Open letter sent to Human Rights Watch after calling on PHL gov't to 'drop charges vs De Lima' - by Noah Luchansky

"An Open Letter to NY Based Human Rights Watch

I really have no problem if you continue writing voluminous report of how bad the human rights situation in my country is. After all, your report is not really for us. It’s for your patrons, the people who feed your group to move around and listen to gossips so you have something to write about my country; the sponsors who gave you the dirty funds to inspire you to become more creative in your imagination. And considering the kind of horrible report you came up with, I wonder if they also provided you with Shabu which you used to get high as you wrote your creative findings. To me, it looks like you are hallucinating as can be gleamed from your narratives.
But again, it’s your business. It’s how you earned your existence. For every death you mentioned in your report, it spells money to you. So the more deaths there are in your report, the more funds are coming in for you to enjoy. So, you mentioned more than 7,000 deaths in my country as EJK? How does that feel earning that much? Huh? I can imagine the cash flow of donations in your bank accounts for coming up with such malicious report. You see, you are just like blood suckers – the Dracula of the modern times in the guise of being called Human Rights Watch who finds solace in capitalizing on the deaths and blood of innocent people for money’s sake – shame on you!

You have been ranting about your report since Duterte assumed the Presidency as if you really care about the human rights situation in this country. You have done a lot of gimmickry, issuing statements here and there to be noticed by the people. Well, that to me is your way of marketing your product. There is no buyer, after all. You must be scared that your sponsors might dwindle in number for lack of ROI. So you never stop making noise. And you collaborated with your greatest marketing assets domestically. Your mainstream media cohorts provided your shits with the headlines. You have your mad dogs in the Senate, the Church, the self- righteous proclaimed human rights advocates as your mouthpiece who broadcasted your findings, thereby painting an apocalyptic scenario of the country due to EJK. But you still wonder why Filipinos do not buy your product – I mean, your report. You know why? Because your report is like a filthy garbage as far as Filipinos as concerned. It is partisan, tainted with politics, subjective, arbitrary and above all, it is designed to sow chaos and anarchy in this country. And we Filipinos are better than what you think we are.

Writing a report about EJK in my country is one thing and I have flexibility accommodating the stupidity of any foreigner on that regard, especially those based in New York. It’s part of democratic space that we have to enjoy and even idiots are entitled to enjoy that right too. But when learning that HRW asked our government to drop the charges against Senator De Lima for being trumped up and politically motivated - that is way going too far. It is the height of idiocy. I take offense to that in a sense that these foreigners look at us like we are bunch of ignoramus who do not know how to run our own government. It’s tantamount to disrespecting our dignity as a sovereign state, telling us on our face that we are not capable of handling our own domestic affairs e.g. trying an accused with fairness based on our existing laws. Sanamagan!

A complaint was filed against De Lima and she was prosecuted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in accordance with the law. She tried to seek relief from the Court of Appeals as a matter of right, on jurisdictional issue, impartiality, etc. But the court has decided in favor of DOJ and so the case has to proceed. Please note that De Lima is just being accused here and as such she is afforded the opportunity to answer all allegations against her before a judge who will weigh in on the testimonies of witnesses on a trial. But for fuck sake, the trial has not yet started and at the stage of prosecution, De Lima has all the remedies available for her under our laws, and in fact, she used it. Yet you cried violation of her human rights? Which right is being violated? Makes me wonder the kind of distorted human rights concept you are preaching.

When Senator Trillanes accused Duterte in public of having amassed more than Php 2B in his bank account without any intention of proving his allegation, we know it’s trumped up and politically motivated. We just laughed because for Filipinos, it's a joke of the century. Although he challenged Senator Trillanes to go to court and prove his allegations, we all know that if we go by the book of the HRW, Digong's human rights and that of the members of his family are being violated even if he is the President of the Republic. But in the case of De Lima, DOJ has accused her criminally before a court of law where the government will prove her guilt beyond reasonable doubt, thereby affording her due process and allowed her to defend herself. Yet HRW cried violation of human rights of De Lima for being accused with trumped up charges and which are politically motivated and silent in the human rights of Duterte and that of his family members. Is HRW saying that the Trillanes accusation is true? There goes your double standard and distorted human rights - my ass! This is so damn sickening...

Look at your hypocrisy. When De Lima prosecuted and illegally detained PGMA during her stint as Secretary of Justice, you were mum about it. It took an Internationally Renowned International Human Rights Lawyer Amal Cloney who filed a complaint before the UN Human Rights Commission claiming that the charges against PGMA was politically motivated and that her continued detention violated her human rights. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention eventually ruled that indeed, PGMA’s human rights were violated with her continued detention.

Yet De Lima ignored that decision of a UN body and continued to persecute PGMA by detention until freed recently, thereby upholding her innocence from all the charges against her filed by De Lima. Did we hear any condemnation from HRW on the PGMA case? None, despite that UN Human Rights body's decision. In fact, it has continued to slurp that filthy ass of De Lima to the bone todate, sucking it like kuhol, for all I care. Sanamagan!

Given these facts, clearly HRW’s agenda in all these shenanigans is not about the human rights issue of this country. It’s about keeping the Filipino people polarized so as to justify its continued revenue generating intervention on our affairs in the guise of EJK reports. As Filipinos, we continue to fight internally against each other in our quest for better governance by checking on the Duterte administration, but we should be vigilant of this treacherous machinations from international groups who are out to discredit our government to serve their own selfish monetary interests and that of their patrons at our expense as a sovereign nation. Any kind of foreign intervention should be considered as an attack against the dignity of our country for which we have to abhor, condemn and fight with as a nation. It’s about time, we unmask the people, country or international groups behind HRW’s intrusive activities within our land, bare their agenda and run after them in whatever way we can. They have inflicted so much damage to our country and for that they should be held accountable. They are the hoodlums and real blood sucking international terrorists who want nothing but the polarization of our country.

For the HRW and those behind your evil motives, you must leave us alone. You tried your best to wreck this country apart but you failed and the Filipinos have shown how united we are as sovereign people. If you persist on your demonic designs, one day you will regret realizing that the Filipinos’ wrath has already fallen upon your lap."

Written by Jun Avelino

Open letter sent to Human Rights Watch after calling on PHL gov't to 'drop charges vs De Lima' - by Noah Luchansky Open letter sent to Human Rights Watch after calling on PHL gov't to 'drop charges vs De Lima' - by Noah Luchansky Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 3:08:00 AM Rating: 5

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