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Shots fired! Krizette Chu fires back at Jesus Falcis: 'Pipitsuging, baguhang, feelingerong lawyer'

On February 7, several supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte, who happen to be very vocal about what they believe in, went to Malacanang Palace to pay President Duterte a courtesy call.
What supposed to be a one hour meet and greet with the President turned into an almost 8-hour tour and chika with the President.

The attendees gleefully shared their experiences on their respective social media handles, It seemed like the meet-up caught the ire of some critics of the President.

One of them is Jesus Falcis,  a staunch supporter and defender of Leni Robredo. His about page claims he is a 'Political and socio-legal commentary in defense of human rights and democracy. Against fake news and propaganda.' Sounds uhmm... impressive.

Until this happened:
Falcis' post wasn't entirely received by some of his followers including a certain Carlo Andrew Santos Ayson, who claimed to be a long-time follower of Falcis.

"Really? You got all of what you said about them just in one picture? Just how much do you follow them to assume what you just said to them?

It makes me cringe everytime a lawyer would accuse anyone of "callously" defending Digong's War on Drugs when the same person himself does not have any proof to accuse so, accuse people of "spinning the causes of vigilante killings" when that person does not have any proof to accuse so.

"But some people will continue fighting for the Universal dream of liberty, equality and prosperity."

I mean, how MUCH do you know of these people to assume that they don't, since mukang you only base your research on what you see, unless you religiously follow and analyze their way of thinking since day 1.

Atty, I have been following you since you created this page. Question: what are you really fighting for? Why do you always drag these people down?,"
Carlos said.

JF's post certainly got the attention of Krizette Laureta Chu. She wrote:

JF fired back by calling the event 'Duterte Propaganda Team Meet and Greet.'

Krizette fired back:

and this:

Apparently, Atty. Jesus Falcis is deleting comments left and right and blocking people. Not trolls with anonymous accounts who deserve to be blocked, but real people.

How very brave and sophisticated and classy. Manang-mana sa idol niya. OVP na OVP ang galawan.
A lawyer (lawyers) who cannot handle dissent.

You will surely go far. VP level.

Next time you feel like you have the freedom to put my friends' pictures on your wall and run your mouth as if you know them, to judge them, to steal photos and slander them,

be prepared to face a disbarment case (it's not like you have clients you'll leave hanging).

I don't really care if you get disbarred or suspended--although you deserve it--but I will at least be happy to drag you through the mud.
You, a lawyer who WITHOUT proof claims Duterte has BILLIONS in his bank account, relying on your being a small fry to even merit the attention of this government, is a lawyer this country can do without.

Puro ka pasikat, puntahan mo isa isa ang pamilya ng EJK victims at tulungan mo sa paghahabla ng kaso, di yung puro Facebook kaepalan lang ang alam mo.

And then the two finally met... in the comments section.

Krizette finally wrote:
kunyari LGBT na naman ang style ni Atty. Jesus Falcis na nagkakalat sa wall ko.

Maka sugod sa wall ko, akala mo kung sino. And can anyone tell me why he is obsessed with tiers?

And most importantly, bakit importante sa kanya ang tiers e it's not as if he's this super popular person who would even be "Tier 1?" Or baka Tier 1 na s'ya kasi sa kanila, madami na ang 7k followers?

Curious: May tiers ba ang Opposition? Anong ibig sabihin ng Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3? Ano naman ang makukuha mo kung Tier 4 ka lang? Very interesting Freudian slip.

Mali ang priorities.

Shots fired! Krizette Chu fires back at Jesus Falcis: 'Pipitsuging, baguhang, feelingerong lawyer' Shots fired! Krizette Chu fires back at Jesus Falcis: 'Pipitsuging, baguhang, feelingerong lawyer' Reviewed by Raelyn Luchansky on 11:13:00 AM Rating: 5

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