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#ConfirmGina: Pro Duterte bloggers unite to push Gina Lopez' confirmation

Before you proceed below, please watch this video created by Sass Rogando Sasot.
Siena Luchansky
PTPA Siena Luchansky
I've watched the confirmation hearing of Gina Lopez. And here's the deal. The problem with the mining industry is that they are losing on the game of persuasion. The mining sector has not presented a moving and compelling case for what they are doing. Their arguments are dry, relying so much on cold figures of how much could be earned from their operation, their arguments have no sense of humanity in them. But Gina Lopez is passionate, she presented her case with the force of authenticity, necessity, and most of all URGENCY. When Gina speaks, one can feel one's heart beating. That woman was appointed because it's time to shake up our complacency.

Gina Lopez confirmation presentation wasn't about her but about the potential of our country. Gina presented a VERY COMPELLING NATIONAL VISION that combines arguments based on beauty and utility that no mining company nor their supporters have ever done so far.
President Duterte to DENR Secretary Gina Lopez during his first State of the Nation Address (SONA):
If warranted, amend, suspend or revoke (mining) permits. Go ahead!

In the area of environment, the military is directed to intensify its support [Makinig kayo, sigig tawa diyan] its support role against illegal logging, illegal mining, nandyan pa naman si Gina Lopez, and other destructive practices that aggravate the devastation of our natural resources. [applause]

I have to protect the country. Many are complaining against the appointment of Gina Lopez. But si Gina pati ako, we share the same paradigm: The interest of the country must come first. But hindi ko naman sinasabi, there’s a law allowing mining. Gina Lopez and I are just telling you: Follow government standards. Do not destroy the environment. Follow it to a tee. [applause] Wala tayong problema. Just pay the correct taxes, follow the standards. Gina is just doing her job. You know, she’s a really a crusader, that is how I describe her persona: Crusader. Sabi ko tama yan. Bakit? Nandiyan ba si Ma’am? Si Gina Lopez? Secretary Lopez, nandiyan?

[DENR Secretary Lopez stands up and waves]

Ganito yan, pumunta siya sa Davao. Gabi na mga 1 o’clock because on the early days of my --- when I won, pero hindi pa ako nag-oath, marami nang nagpuntahan. Felicitations, congratulations. Eh si ma’am pumunta twice. Every time, she shows me the degradation of [inaudible] Tapos dalawang oras naman mukhang hindi na matapos. Sabi ko, 'Ma’am' [laughter]. Ma'am, do not be offended ha, totoo man. Huwag ka magalit kay --- it’s the truth. So maga-alas tres na, tapos extemporaneous siya, para ring congressman. Sabi ko, "Ma’am, maga-alas quarto na." "Ma’am, ano kaya kung ikaw na lang ang DENR?" [applause and laughter]

Bigla din siya nagsagot, “Totoo ka?” [laughter] "Oo." Hindi yung "oo," [laughter]. Sabi niya, "I will ask the --- I will consult my family and ask my..." The following day, tawag siya kay --- my aide, kay Bong. Sabi niya, “Bong, okay na, tinanggap na. Sabi ng pamilya ko, okay na.” Sabi ko, “Hay, bantay kayo lahat.” [laughter] But you know, I would not be appointing somebody who is alien to my thinking. I would take in somebody who shares my horizons in life, especially yung degradation ng ---

Tama yan. She is a crusader and she will continue. Dito naman eh...The DENR is likewise directed to review all permits granted to the mining, logging and other environmental sensitive activities to ensure compliance with government standards and if warranted, ito na yung pinakamaganda: amend, suspend or revoke permits. Go ahead. [applause]

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