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Duterte & ICC: The words of Ellen Tordesillas vs Miriam Santiago's Younger Sister

Ellen Tordesillas, a venerable journalist (according to her own claims) and one of the staunchest cheerleaders of the Yellow Party, is saying with all certainty, as if she knows it like she breathes the words written in international law books, that President Rodrigo Duterte, while protected from any suit in the Philippines due to jurisprudence, can actually be brought to the ICC.
"Outside the Philippines, the International Criminal Court (ICC) can hold Duterte criminally liable."
They are saying that with all certainty. Wow!

Her basis? A mere precedent.

In its history, the ICC has indicted leaders.

One of them was Sudan president Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir who was suspected of five counts of crimes against humanity, two counts of war, and three counts of genocide allegedly committed in Darfur, Sudan.

Another was president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta of Kenya who was accused of five counts of crimes against humanity because of the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

“Even without actual or direct participation, the President can be indicted for crimes under the principle of Command Responsibility so long as he knew that such crime was being committed, and he failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures within his power to stop such acts,” Roque said. “The ICC does not need to wait for news about the massacre of an entire town or barangay before it investigates,”
a Vera Files report reads.

She's basically saying that if it has been done in other countries, it can surely be done to President Duterte.

And now that Magdalo's Gary Alejano, a hallowed lap and attack dog of the sloppy mutineer Trillanes, has filed impeachment raps against the President, Ellen Tordesillas is cheering the move like a viciously horny teenager who can't wait to be penetrated.

She writes, "There are things that you do knowing that its chance of success is not high but you do it because you know it’s the right thing." Awweee. How adorable. Treating her poster boys like dick heads that she also is.

Now, let's examine the words of Paula Knack, the younger sister of late Miriam Defensor Santiago who is now living in The Hague and working as a legal advisor for the Philippine Embassy there.

She's been writing commentaries about Philippine current events on her personal Facebook account and for starter, she has written this:
"Because I SAID SO............ :)
I live at The Hague. Kung minsan, gusto ko ng hamonin ang the best legal expert ng opposition ng public live debate eh. Kaya lang baka mapahiya ........ LOL"
She's also spending extra time creating infographics like this...
Dave Luchansky
PTPA Dave Luchansky

and this
Dave Luchansky
PTPA Dave Luchansky

She has also shed some light on the issue of Benham Rise.
Dave Luchansky
PTPA Dave Luchansky
This is the correct opinion on Benham Rise. I made it for Die Hard Fans of MDS so they know what to say when they meet an ignorant opponent online...
Benham Rise is not disputed territory. It is underwater, the ridge of a dormant volcano. The Spratlys on the other hand is disputed territory, it is a reef/ low elevation maritime feature. The ownership of the Spratleys is disputed because the arbitration tribunal could not rule on ownership of maritime features. No one owns Benham Rise but since it is continental shelf, it is in our economic zone though the continental shelf can be beyond the EEZ.
While her commentaries are basically aimed to inform the followers of her late sister, her wisdom is also helping to inform Filipinos who are in dire need of irrefutable facts. Facts and opinions who are from real experts and not just from some shady journalists (whose works are meant to serve the interests of their patrons) who have only gone by reading old cases, form their opinion and present it to the public as a fact.

Don't us!

Paulas has also hit the local media for exaggerating news about EU Parliament's alleged resolution about the Philippines.

"It is local media that grossly EXAGGERATES the issue of the Resolution of the EU Parliament on the drug war. But there are many many resolutions issued by the EU Parliament. They are not investigators. It is not a legal referral of a case to the ICC. NO. The Rome Statute specifies when an investigation is triggered - only the Prosecutor motu propio, the Security Council, or a state. So an EU Parliament has no standing before the ICC," Paulas said.

"I WANT YOU TO KNOW that the family of Sen. Miriam supports Duterte because he won the elections. 3 members of the family of Miriam work for the government. It is our duty to defend him. Defensors dont abandon friends. MDS does not like that unless they attack us first.
Local media is spreading false stories and facts. Some are half-truths. They twist things so people see only 1 side and they hide the rest of the story. I am in the EU. Nothing serious is happening regarding the Philippines as of this posting. How could they care, we are not even a member of the EU and the EU Court is for EU members. MEDIA IS SPREADING DISINFORMATION.

The opposition's alternative to Duterte is EVEN WORSE and HAS NO SKILLS ! Of course Duterte's opponents cannot see the truth because they have vested interest in grabbing power . Or perhaps, they think they will become popular by criticizing and quoting legal things here and there without having studied the law and what it says,"
she added.

Her most recent post said:
Dave Luchansky
PTPA Dave Luchansky
Are they running to the EU court ? Which court ?
Me and Judge Egil Levits of the European Court of Human Rights at the regular meeting of Legal and Political Advisors at The Hague, this month. The Philippines was not even mentioned AT ALL. Brexit, Syria, and other massive human rights violations etc were mentioned. I interpellated Judge Levits and asked him : "Can we start filing cases against the UK now for the effects of Brexit on business contracts and migrants ? " That made everyone laugh. Then I advised other legal advisors on cyberattacks, cyberwar and its effect on weapons systems based on my training with the experts of the Cybersecurity group of NATO.

Now, who are you willing to believe?

A journalist who has no other qualification except her career in the media?

Or a lawyer who got her education from UP and other international institutions?

PS According to her Linkedin profile, here are the Educational background of Paula Knack:
-University of the Philippines
Degree Name Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
Dates attended or expected graduation 1984 – 1988

-University of the Philippines
Degree Name Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Sciences, cum laude, Field Of Study Majors :Political Science, Psychology; Minor : Business Mgt.
Dates attended or expected graduation 1980 – 1984

-Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy
Degree Name Diploma on Oceans Law and Policy, Rhodes Oceans Scholar\

-Grotius Center for International Legal Studies, The Hague
Degree Name Summer School on Human Rights and Transitional Justice : Investigative and Prosecutorial Techniques

-Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Degree Name Seminar for Diplomatic Personnel on the Chemical Weapons Convention

-Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, The Hague
Degree Name Executive Training Seminar on Chemical Weapon Production Facilities, The Hague

-University of Asia and the Pacific
Degree Name Master in Business Economics

-Leiden University
Degree Name Certificate Course on Human Rights and Transitional Justice

-Universiteit Leiden / Leiden University
Degree Name Advanced Master in Public International Law Studies (Adv. LL.M.) cand. Field Of Study International Criminal Law Activities and Societies: Leiden Law Talent Programme

-Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen / Technical University of Munich
Degree Name Master of Science (MSc) Sustainable Resource Management Field Of Study (Environmental Science, Research and Management Methods for Sustainable Development)

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