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OFW: Leni's video to UN fueled hatred towards OFWs, Filipinos abroad

Here's a Facebook post from Epimaco Densing III, a Professor at Ateneo Graduate School of Business, detailing how a friend called him to share her recent bad experiences in Canada.

The friend, whose name was omitted for obvious reasons, claimed that her bad experiences developed after Leni Robredo sent a chilling video to UN claiming that there have been 7,000 casualties in the government's war on drugs.

Here's the full post:
Just minutes ago, an OFW (naglakas loob lang tumawag 😊) from Montreal, Canada (FB friend) called me up and we spoke for close to 20 minutes. She shared her bad experiences recently with her Canadian friends and employer after the video of VP Robredo. She's been defending our country from the bad image VP Leni created when she maligned our country before the UN Conference in Austria. This OFW feels very sad, angry, and tired of explaining left and right of the true improved peace and order situation in our country. She was close to crying. I, too, was in the verge of crying. She is volunteering to execute an affidavit, together with other Filipinos in Canada, that they've been negatively affected by the "fake news" of VP Leni. VP Leni and the Liberal Party members have lost their conscience. Palibhasa mayayaman kayo!! Mag-sorry kayo sa 10 milyong OFW na pinahirapan ninyo dahil sa paninira nyo sa bansang Pilipinas! This is already beyond Pres. Duterte!!

Yesterday, Leni Robredo has denied and insisted that she didn't claim that there's been 7,000 slays in the government's war on drugs in the video that she sent to the UN.

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Leni might be too naive to realize the adverse effects of her misguided actions, but I hope she will halt contributing in the destabilization of this government.

Thinking Pinoy only has this to say:

"In her UN video, neurologically deprived psychiatrically impaired presumptive Vice-president Leni Robredo insisted on classifying every murder and every homicide as EJK or more specifically, drug-related deaths.

Using her logic, there would be 11,506; 15,481; and 15,465 EJKs in 2012, 2013, and 2013, respectively.

Aquino was president from June 2010 to June 2016

Using simple ratio and proportion, the alleged 7000 deaths in the first 8 months of Duterte’s presidency will translate to 10,500 deaths on Duterte’s first year, a figure that's much lower than Aquino's in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Now, if the alleged death toll under Rody Duterte is enough to warrant a ICC's attention, is an ICC investigation on PNoy long overdue?
I can just hear Our Lady of Naga and her hepatitic minions scream, "Eh basta!!!""

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