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President Duterte grants executive clemency to sickly, elderly inmates

Here's the speech of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.

"A blessed and a freedom filled evening to all!

Freedom is a birthright!

Every person has a right to be free.

Tonight, by the grace of the Almighty and by the laudable collective efforts of many, we will again be restoring the freedom of some of our inmates from the National Bilibid Prison.

It is said that a soul is of more value than the whole world. It is our recognition of the innate value of the person that, his conviction notwithstanding, we endeavor to set him free.

Beyond the punishment meted is the full restoration of the person to his full dignity, to his full freedom.

Kayo na ganap na lalaya ngayong gabi, ang akin pong pagbati sa inyo at sa inyong pamilya.

Ano man ang naganap sa nakalipas, iyon nawa ay magsilbing aral sa ating lahat at maging inspirasyon na din na sinuman ay pwedeng magbago at magsimulang muli.

Tanggapin ninyo ang aming taimtim na hiling ng panibagong masagana at payapang buhay. Nadapa, bumangon, nagsisikap, iyan po nawa kayo."

Dave Luchansky
PTPA Dave Luchansky

President Rodrigo Duterte has pardoned more elderly and sickly prisoners.

There are a total of 127 elderly and frail prisoners for whom the Department of Justice recommended pardon from MalacaƱang. The remaining 100 may be released within the coming months.

A majority of the 100 are set to be granted commutation of pardon or a shortening of their prison sentences. Those with shortened sentences will still need to spend a few more months in jail before they are released.

"There are 100 more but we will explain that because most of them will be given commutation or shortening of sentence, but even if we shorten the sentence there are some months remaining.s Some will be freed next month, some in May, so we will free them batch by batch," said Aguirre.

The DOJ is still studying the possibility of adding more names to the list.

Last November 2016, Duterte voiced his intention to grant executive clemency to prisoners aged 80 years-old or above and prisoners who are sickly.

"I am contemplating it, they are preparing it, all the old and sick, those suffering from rheumatism, those who can't run, those 80 years old and above, those who want, those who have homes to return to, I will grant them pardon so that they can return home," he had said.

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