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WATCH: CNN's full coverage of Lascañas' testimony in the senate

WATCH: Senate investigates alleged 'Davao Death Squad' www.cnn.ph
The continuation of the hearing can be viewed here, LIVE: http://cnn.ph/2m9HS7v

- Public Order and Dangerous Drugs Committee Chair Senator Ping Lacson: I have grown averse to flipflopping statements made under oath
- Lacson advises Arturo Lascañas on importance of new information
- Lacson cites jurisprudence on credible witness
- Lascañas: I fear for the lives of my loved ones
- Lascañas: I made public confession because of desire to tell the truth
- Lascañas discusses structure of alleged Davao Death Squad
- Lascañas: I was one of the alleged Davao Death Squad pioneers
- Lascañas recalls bombing of Kamamara Mosque in Davao
- Lascañas recalls kidnap for ransom incident between 1993-1997
- Lascañas recounts killing of suspect, family
- Lascañas: We called then Mayor Rody Duterte "Superman"
- Lascañas discusses case of broadcaster Jun Pala: He survived two attempts on his life
- Lacson points out discrepancy in Lascañas statements
- PNP discusses report on Jun Pala killing in 2003
- Lascañas: Duterte gave me additional ₱1-million for Jun Pala killing
- Lascañas: Duterte ordered the killing of Jun Bersabal
- Lascañas recalls operation against his brother Cecilio Lascañas
- Lascañas recalls deal with Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte
- Lascañas: We lethally addressed complaint of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte
- Lascañas discusses drug case involving 11 Chinese nationals
- Lascañas claims Duterte gave instruction on Chinese captives
- Lascañas: PNP Chief Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa asked about our findings regarding Taiwanese nationals
- Lascañas claims they were used as 'foot soldiers' of drug lords
- Lascañas discusses case of businessman Richard King
- Lascañas discusses case of Pakistani terrorist
- Lascañas: Then Supt. Ronald Dela Rosa inquired about Pakistani
- Lascañas discusses Davao del Sur most wanted criminal
- Lascañas claims Duterte ordered killing of Davao del Sur criminal
- Lascañas confirms 90% of Edgar Matobato's testimony
- Lascañas: Duterte ordered killing of broadcaster Jun Pala
- Lascañas: These are contract killings, legitimate police operations

After the hearing, the senate panel decided to end the inquiry due to lack of 'probative value' in Lascañas' testimony.

Senators end Trillanes' senate circus after panel finds Lascañas' credibility doubtful

Here's the statement of Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

Sen. Lacson answers questions on the conflicting testimonies of retired SPO3 Lascañas, after Monday's hearing on the issue. March 6, 2017

Watch below:

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