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Corrupt NUJP threatens President Duterte: It will not end well (for you) by Dave Luchansky

"...the last time a president actually shut down the press, it did not end well for him," this was the statement of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines in response to President Duterte's tirades against media giant Inquirer and Abs-Cbn.

Question is? Is the President trying to shutdown these media giants? No. He's scolding them for being criminals. It's ironic that these media organizations are reporting stories about crimes on a daily basis, but they themselves have been committing criminal offenses.
Dave Luchansky
President Duterte earlier scored the two media networks for engaging in corrupt practices. Inquirer, the rapid propaganda machine and mouthpiece of former President BS Aquino and the entire Liberal Party allegedly evaded billions of taxes by getting a favor from the previous President. We're talking about billions of pesos that were stolen from the public's coffer. Imagine many classrooms, hospitals, medicines among others, could this money afford if it were collected.

The President further accused the Prieto Family, the owner of Philippine Daily Inquirer, of amassing great amount of money just by being a Marcos crony. The Prietos immediately jumped ship to Corazon Aquino after the late dictator was overthrown following EDSA Revolution.

In the previous months, during the intensified crackdown on abusive mining companies, Inquirer shamelessly and relentlessly tried to defend these shabby mining companies even running front page features and editorials about what these mining companies have done to lift the lives of Filipino workers.

Gina Lopez, under the directive of President Duterte, have been working real hard to prove that Inquirers' assertion are nothing but mere propaganda to protect the interests of their patrons. The Prietos, yes the vicious owners of Inquirer, have huge investments in these shabby mining companies. Shocker!

Inquirer shame on you!

On the other hand, President Duterte has accused Abs-Cbn of swindling. The President alleges that the giant TV network didn't run a campaign ad that he already paid during the campaign period in last year's election.

While many journalists didn't hide the fact that corruption exists in the media industry, many of them refused to openly criticize these institutions for obvious reasons.

It's highly possible that these corrupt journalist have infiltrated this similarly shabby NUJP. That being said, it's highly possible that these criminals are hiding behind media groups like NUJP to protect themselves and advance their selfish and insidious interests.

Fuck you corrupt journalists of the Philippines!! Pakyu!

Ryan Rosauro (Phl. Daily Inquirer correspondent) is the chairman of NUJP.
Mobile No. 09175155991

Here's an open letter by Jojo Robles to NUJP: The truth!

Dear NUJP: Let the owners of ABS-CBN and PDI answer the charges hurled against them. This is not a press freedom issue but an ethical media ownership issue.

The rights of the ordinary media workers or the constitutional guarantee on freedom of expression are not threatened here. The issue is the abuse of power by certain media owners -- a serious charge that involves only the highest news executives, assuming you can call these media bigshots ordinary working journalists at all.

So please quit making this a "democracy is dead" thing, as Rappler's boss calls it. (By the way, who owns Rappler, really?)

Corrupt NUJP threatens President Duterte: It will not end well (for you) by Dave Luchansky Corrupt NUJP threatens President Duterte: It will not end well (for you) by Dave Luchansky Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 5:17:00 AM Rating: 5

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