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DSWD Asec Badoy apologizes for 'sarcastic' comment about online child porn

This post originally appeared on Asec. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy's Facebook page.

About the sarcastic remark I made regarding online child porn:

This apology is for those I have sincerely hurt and sincerely offended and caused not a small amount of concern. For them and them alone. (I know this must be slow for some of you. Apologizing when I am not truly sorry is a skill that escapes me. I simply do not have the capacity for it. Be patient with me- I am a work in progress - as we all are and till the day we die.)
This isn't for the pretend-offended and the low lives who seized on it as an opportunity to try to hurt the President through his allies. Nor is it for those who pretend to have a bad case of constipation secondary to over-zealous political correctness when what it is they have a surplus of is hate.

Most of all this isn't for those who grabbed on that one line to try to silence me (I wish you my sincerest good luck on THAT.) and make it appear that they were lily-white public servants when everyone and their mother (and dog!) know that the most awful crimes committed against the poor were by their hands dripping in blood. What gall. Read no further, schmucks. This apology isn't for you. Asa pa kayo.

I was 6 when my mother died. And almost as soon as she died, I suffered, in the hands of a relative - and then a priest--sexual abuse. And it wasn't a one off deal. Nothing in the level of rape but enough to scar me for life and for which, to this day, I work on in my journey to wholeness. It hasn't been an easy journey. Nor has it been seamless, with things falling neatly into place.

What it's been is hard, gutting work that's asked of me to put broken pieces of myself together and to take into my grown-up arms the motherless child that I was who had to be brave on her own for a very long time.

Nothing though has been more healing to me than to know I do not suffer alone. That, in fact, there are millions of us who have been sexually abused as children the world over. And that there are millions more of us who work to end this scourge.

And if what's asked of us is to find the prize in the wounds dealt us, then I do know that in adulthood, I finally got the good out of the ordeal I suffered as a child. Not the least of which is the real pain I feel for children who are in the hell I was and how I do the little I can to stop the abuse they suffer in the hands of sexual predators.

Their wounds are mine.

This is what has made me, for as long as I can recall, be someone who instinctively fights for the most helpless in our midst. Always, there will be this child inside me who remembers the terror of sexual abuse and I find that I can only breathe when I take up the cudgels for other similarly situated children.

It's what's made me do all I can to further child protection and children's rights in my own small way. And it's what's made me build simple libraries and reading corners for them. Books were my solace and strength in that kind of childhood that sucked buckets, see. And it is this solace and strength that I desperately wish for them.

Unfortunately, this rage inside me is what makes me lash out the way I did, in tones dripping with sarcasm at the awful reality of what we and our country have become: the World's leading exporter of our children's flesh and merchants of our children's innocence. Their childhood sold to the highest bidder and that indeed, the highest bidders and most voracious of customers of online child porn in our country are Europeans.

Sarcasm cuts a wide swathe and it is for this too. that I apologize. And so while it is Europeans who are some of the leading sexual predators who exploit the poverty they know exists in our country to satisfy their perversions, Europeans, too, have worked hand in hand with a lot of agencies to try to end this global menace.

The government agency I work for, DSWD, is at the forefront in the fight against that which steals our children away from us. And we are giving our best to this. More so now under the leadership of someone who is a true public servant- incorruptible and fearless, DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo and a President who has, for all his life, been the champion of children.

My words came from a place of rage - a rage that is, at most times, channeled properly as fuel that makes me hold them in a protective embrace. This is a problem that demands the best of us all. I am my best when I fight for our children.

And so for the truly hurt, truly worried and offended - with no other agenda than that children be on high ground, I am truly sorry. Know that I fight this battle alongside you.

As for the rest, they can just go suck their toes. And grow cabbages where their noses are. You guys are prakking jazzholes (bawal daw bad words kasi public official na ako so that's my new term for "fucking assholes"- you know those who can, not only steal from the poor, but steal from them at their darkest hour. Yon, ok lang yon sa isang kawani ng gobyerno. Stealing from the poor allowed - just do it under the mantle of 'decency'. And no bad words!!)

As a great man once said (and keeps on saying actually), "Putangina!"

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