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Mar Roxas' camping tent could tell us something about the fate of Yolanda Housing Programs

Presidential election loser turned pa-cute blogger Mar Roxas thought that sharing this story on his Facebook page is cute.

It is not! It's a major turn off! Especially for someone who could've been the country's President.

Mar Roxas recently traveled to Tanay province for some camping fun.

“Went camping yesterday in Tanay, at a place called Jungle Base Camp. It’s really peaceful and pretty there, and only two and a half hours away from Manila. Sharing some photos I took!” Roxas wrote on Facebook.

Mar Roxas' Tent
Let's examine Mar Roxas' tent.

Is it even a tent? Something that you could sleep in at night? I DON'T THINK SO.

Looks familiar? I think I've seen it somewhere else. Then I thought about Yolanda. The temporary shelters that Mar Roxas and the rest of the incompetent officials from BS Aquino's administration built.

If Mar Roxas' shelter isn't using a smoother textile and in blue color, I would've mistaken it as one of those shelters from Tacloban. They look almost identical, except that Mar Roxas' was built using fancy materials. Materials that no poor Filipino could ever afford.

If this yellow shade qualifies as something that you could live in or even sleep in at night, there's something eerily off with you.

Well, Mar Roxas, a Wharton graduate, thought so, so it must not be that bad. Or so he thought. Except that it's very unacceptable. It's far from being acceptable.

That's how low his standards are. Wala talaga s'yang alam.

To be fair, while it's not clear whether he spent the night in the open (I would be surprised if he did given his bratinella attitude), camping usually involves an overnight stay outdoors.

But still, these pictures paint a thousand words about how Mar Roxas would've governed us if he made the Presidency.

Literal na magiging BAHALA KAYO SA BUHAY N'YO ang mangyayari!!

Buti nalang talaga dumating si Digong!! We're all saved from this vicious elite whose Presidency isn't about helping, but furthering his and his families' influence.

Krissia Luchansky

Roxas unfortunately forgot to pack camping food and just settled for leftovers from a burger joint. “Sa seryosong camping, dried fish or meat ang ulam. Nakalimutan ko magdala kaya eto…tira sa breakfast, ulam sa lunch! Hot rice, egg, and sausage – bliss! #ItsAWow” he said.

Krissia Luchansky

How could someone forget to bring a VERY BASIC necessity to a camping trip? As basic as food should be the first thing that you put in your bag... if you have a brain.

But if you're Mar Roxas, a gaffe like this is inevitable. Just like how he handled previous national crises.

Remember Yolanda? Lahat ng tao gutom. My gaad!

Given how his mind works and his incompetence, buti di naging Presidente 'to!

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