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Amid security threat, Yellow Zombie goddess Leah Navarro politicizes Marawi City situation

Seriously, when can these people get some decency? A trait that they shamelessly claim they posses. Every time these people open their filthy mouths, it only proves how devious their minds are. They will seize any chance they could get, even if that means becoming jerks and pricks, just to get back at their political rivals.

Obviously, President Duterte is in Russia for a 3-day official state visit.

Authorities have since issued public statements addressing the situation in Marawi City.

"Contrary to reports and rumors you are receiving, the AFP-PNP initiated this operation in Marawi," Brig. Gen. Resituto Padilla, armed forces spokesman, said.

"The AFP is addressing the situation in Marawi.
Please understand information on troop movement is limited because the enemy is also on social media.
Please standby for the official government update,"
Presidential communications officer Kris Ablan said in a statement on his personal Facebook page.

This is the statement of General Restituto Padilla on Marawi City. Please stay calm and stop the speculation.
AFP Update Statement on the MARAWI Operations:

Our operation is still ongoing in Marawi City and sporadic firefight is still continuing. We can not provide specifics at this point. The joint AFP-PNP team that is after Isnilon Hapilon and his cohorts is determined to finish him off. We are also acting on reports of armed men occupying the hospital and some other buildings.

This operation initiated earlier today by the AFP and PNP was based on reliable information from many concerned citizens tired of terrorism and its effects. We have enough troops and law enforcers on the ground as well as all the appropriate equipment to support our troops.

We strongly urge the residents in these areas to remain calm and stay in their homes or evacuate to safer areas if they still can. We also appeal to all our citizens to continue to provide information on enemy location and their movements so we can swiftly conclude this important security operation.

Our citizens have the opportunity to contribute and are encouraged to perform their patriotic duty to ensure the safety of their community.

Obviously, Leah Navarro is just getting back at people who rightfully looked for his deity BS Aquino who was missing in action during numerous national crises. PNoy must have been hiding under his bed during those times, just like what her mother did during coup attempts during her presidency.

Leah Navarro, let me remind you where #NasaanAngPangulo truly applies:

Leah Navarro, pakyu ka! Putang ina mo!

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