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Dilawan trolls are attacking Sen. Grace Poe for saying 'MRT mess started under Mar Roxas'

Senator Grace Poe has gained the ire of the pathetic die hard Dilawan fans when their God Mar Roxas was mentioned by the lady senator yesterday.

The senate is holding an inquiry into the MRT3 Mess that has been causing the Filipino people too much hassles and problems and is costing us tens of millions each month.

Mar Roxas, the lap dog of former President BS Aquino, was the Transportation Secretary before the assumed the DILG post after Jesse Robredo died in a plane crash.

Speaking to the press, Senator Poe said that she's convinced that the MRT3 mess started under Mar Roxas' leadership. In the same hearing, former Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya has admitted that they signed the MRT deal without doing background checks of the firm that they're doing business with.

"I'm convinced that during his (Roxas) time they dropped the ball. and I also am convinced Secretary (Francis 'Jun') Abaya should not have allowed it to continue or persist during his time," Sen. Grace Poe told reporters, being the chairperson of the Senate public services committee. She also was asked if she will invite Roxas in the next Senate hearing.

"Pinag-iingatan natin [na] wag sasabihin pulitika ito, pero nakikita talaga yung isang incorporator na … si Marlo dela Cruz ay talagang kasama sa nananalo sa bidding, na ‘yung kanyang kumpanya bagong incorporated, maliit capitalization. Ang meron lamang siya, koneksyon do'n sa mga nakaraang nakaupo sa DOTC.” Sen Poe added.

According to Sen. Poe, Marlo Dela Cruz is one of the incorporators of PH Trams-CB&T, the maintenance provider of MRT from October 2012 to September 2013, and had then a small capital of P620,000 only. The lady senator noted that the latter is also an incorporator of the joint venture of Global-APT JV from September 2013 to July 2015.

During the Senate hearing, Abaya admitted that he signed the controversial PH Trams-CB&T maintenance contract. However, he said that it was still during the time of Roxas as DOTC secretary when the contract was finalized.

Senator Poe also hinted that Mar Roxas might get invited to testify before the senate committee hearing. And if ever that happens, Senatore Poe vowed to grill Mar Roxas - that's if he has the balls to show up and finally admit his incompetence and lack of sanity.

As expected, this development didn't sit well with the Dilawan trolls. They immediately unleashed their trolls to defend and save their demi God Mar Roxas.

They are targeting Grace Poe by recycling old issues like her citizenship, her smoking habits, among others.

In last year's election, sensing that he's not gonna win the Presidency, Mar Roxas asked Grace Poe to withdraw her bid for President and make an alliance with him. An offer that the lady senator gracefully declined.

Mar Roxas, just like his pathetic supporters, is being hunted by his sins from the past. The reckoning for the sins he inflicted on the Filipino people will come sooner than he expected.

Mar Roxas' balles must be shrinking right now - that is if he has any at all.

Dilawan trolls are attacking Sen. Grace Poe for saying 'MRT mess started under Mar Roxas' Dilawan trolls are attacking Sen. Grace Poe for saying 'MRT mess started under Mar Roxas' Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 3:11:00 PM Rating: 5

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