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Duterte on Mocha’s new post: She’s bright and articulate

President Rodrigo Duterte praised newly-appointed Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) assistant secretary Mocha Uson for her intellect, amid questions about her fitness at her new post in the government.

At a press conference at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport before leaving for an official visit in Cambodia, Duterte said it was his idea to appoint Uson.

"There's nothing wrong with the woman or the girl. She's bright. She's articulate," he said.

“And you can listen to her. You can debate with her. Tingnan mo ‘yung Facebook and she can have a very structured mind. So what’s the problem?" he added.

He also defended Uson's past job.

"And if it is just a matter of dancing, she was not dancing naked. She was with me during the campaign. A little bit sexier than the others. But that does not prevent anybody to deprive her of the honors that she deserves. It’s a matter of intellect,” he said.

“Eh ‘yung pagsasayaw niya eh hanapbuhay ‘yan eh. That's hanapbuhay. There's no law which says that if you expose half of your body with a shorts and a bra, you are disqualified from being the President of the Philippines,” he added.

Uson and her sexy girl group Mocha Girls campaigned for Duterte for the May 2016 elections.

“At utang na loob ko ‘yan sa kanila because they offered their services free at the time when wala akong pera because they believed in me. Now, it’s my time to believe in them,” he said.

“Every Filipino should deserve a chance wherever or whatever. Walang problema iyan sa akin,” he added.

In a video interview conducted inside PR001 posted on Uson’s Facebook page, Duterte told the new assistant secretary that he was asked about her during the press conference.

“Pasensiya na sa mga media na inaano kayo sir ah,” she said.

Duterte then recalled what he said during the press conference that there was nothing wrong with being a dancer.

“Anyway sir, past life ko yon. Nagbago na ako sir eh. That was years years ago pa po. Long sleeves na sir oh,” Uson said.

“Huwag kang magbago,” the President replied.

Duterte previously appointed Uson as a member of the Movie Television Review Classification Board (MTRCB). — NB/BAP, GMA News

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