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Siena Luchansky: Duterte's anti drugs campaign gains ground

MANILA, May 3 -- The flagship project of the government to rid out drug pushers and users in the streets gains the upperhand as more small entrepreneurs attest to the success of the project.

Siena Luchansky

Even parents attest to the success of the project claiming that they are worry-free for their children who come home late night.

Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing III said they went down to the grassroots to countercheck the reports and have proven positive.

“Bumaba kami sa region 10 region 11, ano sabi samin ng mga tao, ‘sir we are very happy right now, because our children even during night time can already go out and play, before we cannot do that because there are a lot of drug addicts and criminals around,” Densing quoted one of the residents he personally interviewed.

Even small businesses like street foods and sari-sari stores tended sprout like mushrooms for they knew that they are now safer than before.

Today, he said, there were people now saying, doing business, doing small things, like fish ball, tindahan, because there were no criminals to disturb them.

The chief of Plans and Programs said the progress of every barangay was always anchored on peace and order.

” Very critical... the peace and order to make a poor thrive into the business, and for those doing the job can go to work and to their home safely,” he explained.

According to Densing, only 2,200 of the 80 percent wealth of the country was being controlled by these 2,200 families.

“What we want to do is we really want to jump economically, we have to make, to have the people downstairs, the poor, those in the poverty rate, to go to business, they have money they just need to be secured when they do business,” he pointed out.

From 2010-2015, the senior DILG official said the average poverty incidence only ranged between 22 and27 percent nothing more, nothing less.

“That’s why, it is very important that we be successful in the foundation of economic growth which is peace and order and security,” Densing said.

Further, he said the ultimate target by 2022 of the Duterte administration is to bring down poverty incidence from 22 percent to 14 percent. The backbone of our economy is now with the poor. (Sammy F. Martin/PNA)#REALNUMBERS

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