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Dilawan zombie Leah Navarro politicized Marawi incident, here's how the internet responded

Leah Navarro has once again proven that she has a pea-sized brain.

She has repeatedly embarrassed herself by merely being her true self. All because of her devotion to her deity, BS Aquino and the entire Liberal Party gang.

This time, the laos singer has politicized the incident in Marawi wherein armed terror groups seized the city by conquering several vital government and non-government installations.

The skirmish ensued following an attempt to arrest a terrorr leader which belongs to Maute Group.

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Navarro, on her Twitter account tweeted:

Navarro chose to advance her politics by politicizing a national crisis. While all Filipinos unite to send their sympathies for the people of Marawi, the Dilawan zombies chose to continue their devious shenanigans.

Filipinos who are fed up of the elitist and agonizing politics didn't hold back to slam Leah Navarro for her recent remarks.

UPDATE: President Duterte is cutting short his state visit to Russia to fly home and personally oversee the situation in Marawi City

Here's how the internet responded to Leah Navarro's insanity:

Mike Acebedo Lopez
Leah Navarro, you criticize Digong who just cut short a planned official trip, who was willing to cancel his important meeting with Putin, the most powerful man on the planet, so he could be with his people when they need him the most yet you kept mum when Leni went on with a personal trip to New York to attend a family reunion and to meet with Loida Lewis when her home province was being ravaged by a typhoon. She knew before she left that the typhoon was en route, but she still went to New York anyway.

You don't see the difference? Now you know why I think you're an idiot? You, yes you. You're a raging idiot.

Andrew Olivar
Nasan si LENI noong nasalanta ANG NAGA noong may BAGYO? Nagtravel lang diba at nakipagkita lang kay LOIDA?

Nasan si PNOY noong pinapatay ang SAF 44?
Nasan si PNOY noong libing ng SAF 44??
Diba inuna nya ang pagpapakita dun sa LAGUNA (mitsubishi ata yun)

Nasan si PNOY noong YOLANDA?
mas nauna pa ako pumunta dati doon para magbigay ng tulong.

Nasaan ka noon LEAH NAVARRO noong mga panahong yan? Bakit hndi ka nagtwitweet at namumuna sa AMO mo noon?

Nasaan ka LEAH NAVARRO noong pinatumba ang UP DILIMAN ng mga schools sa probinsya sa katatapos na BAR EXAM? Nasan ka noong nakanganga sila?

Krizette Laureta Chu went on to school what seems to be the unlearned intellectuals blinded by their political affiliations.

What makes me doubly sad is the sheer ignorance of some people who are condemning Duterte for declaring Martial Law, spewing one outlandish conspiracy theory after another. Kesyo daw gusto lang ni Duterte mag Martial Law at BOOM, biglang may ISIS daw para magkaroon ng Martial Law.

These people will never pick up a gun and fight for the country. All they do is intellectualize and try to appear intelligent by spewing crazy conspiracy theories without any background knowledge of what's happening. So gross. Why are there girlfriends and wives putting up with such ignorant pussies?

For your information, hindi BOOM! biglang nagkaroon ng Maute sa Marawi.

These are facts that you can check with anyone. The story did not begin with Duterte's presidency.

This is a truncated version of events, best as I know:

1. Duterte declared Martial Law because more than hundred militants attacked Marawi Tuesday afternoon.

2. The Maute group has pledged allegiance to the ISIS long before, and not just today. They're the ones who took Marawi. Plinano ba ni Duterte yon, mga bes? Sinabi niya sa Maite, "Oy mag pledge kayo ng allegiance sa ISIS para makapag Martial Law ako." LOL, ang eengot.

3. One of the reasons they attacked the city is because our government tried to arrest (targeted) a guy named Isnilon Hapilon, leader of Abu Sayyaf, and tadah, ISIS top guy in Southeast Asia who is said to be in Marawi.
(Pwede na? Reason na enough para hulihin?)

Another possible reason is that last month, government forces killed 36 Maute members in Lanao del Sur when their hiding place was bombed. Bet ko di nyo alam yan.

5. Hindi lang si Duterte ang naghahanap kay Hapilon. He is wanted by the US too and has a bounty on his head to the tune of 5 million dollars. HAPILON IS THE EFFING EMIR OF THE ISIS IN THE PHILIPPINES. let that sink in, he is the EMIR!

O ano, si Duterte na naman ang may gawa kay Hapilon? Lol.

6. Maute occupied city hall, burned church jail and schools. Ginulo nila ang Marawi.

7. Conflicting reports peg deaths from both sides at 4 so far, with one of them being from Maute. (O di ba alang alang pala sa script ni Duterte willing silang totoong mamatay? Bigyan ng jacket dahil sa makatotohanang pag ganap.)

8. Duterte's meetings with Putin and his PM have been cancelled. Sabi nI APC, kahit na kailangan ng Pilipinas ang pera ng Russia, "We cannot sacrifice the lives of our people for any economic reason." Eh di ba nga ayaw niyo sa Russia, why would Duterte sabotage his own alliances, na mas lalong ikakatuwa ng LP if he cannot ally with Russia. Dami niyo pong alam, palibhasa wala kayong alam sa totoong buhay.

9. Maute group has been fighting our government forces for a time already. hindi lang under Duterte. May mga "BAM! BAM! MARTIAL LAW AGAD" pa kayong nalalaman pero for sure di naman niyo kayang protektahan ang bansang ito. Yuck, Facebook warriors ONLY.
10. Intelligence info has it that Hapilon's main job is to unite all militants who love ISIS. O e kung ganon naman pala, ano bang gusto niyong mangyari? Antayin maging successful siya?

SO SAGUTIN NYO KO MGA CHARARAT: Paano naging script lang ito para maging Martial Law? As if naman kailangan ni Duterte ng Martial Law eh lahat naman ng gawin niya aprubado sa mga tao. Kahit "minura" ang Pope, mas pinanigan pa siya. O anong sense ng Martial Law, para mapasunod ang 4 percent sa Pilipinas na ayaw sa kaniya? Mga feelingero talaga kayo.

Bakit ano ngayon sa inyo kung nag Martial Law sa Mindano, concerned kayo sa Mindanao? Really? Kelan pa?

As if naman you will fight for this country, you dont even bother finding out whats really happening. Puwede ba, now's not the time for your intellectual pissing contests.

Nagtatawag si Leni ng relief goods, tulungan niyo siya ng may silbi naman kayo.

Franco Mabanta wrote:
I just now put on private a collection of several tweets from Marawi residents. I verified them personally and they're all real -- not bots and no Photoshop -- but till I verify that the events actually transpired, I'd rather not fear-monger.

(Though very quickly and for the sake of the point of this post, the tweets spoke of beheadings and a hospital being burnt to the ground.)
OKAY. Here we go...

Regardless of political allegiance, I'm happy that Digong has cut his Russia trip short and is on the way back to the motherland. I'm OBJECTIVELY happy it's him that's going to war for us as he knows Mindanao like the back of his hand.

Although, as predicted, the haters have began criticizing the decision of Martial Law.

"Why all of Mindanao??"
"He's setting us up to eventually put all of the Philippines under Martial Law."
"Down with Duterte!"
Oh shut the fuck up, you Yellow fucking morons.

Nope, this is not a set up! These terrorists have immense connections throughout Mindanao and calling for Martial Law over there makes complete sense because it compartmentalizes the situation appropriately.

Krizette Laureta Chu makes a great point in that if they declared Martial Law in ONE city, the bad guys could very easily move.

This isn't the same kind of Martial Law we had during the Marcos era. Everyone, Congress included, will make sure it's lifted as soon as the problem is contained. Ang dami kasing pseudo-intellectual na nagmamarunong when really the right and only thing to do is be supportive during an absolutely awful and trying time such as this.

If you don't like Duterte, that's perfectly fine with me. I get it. There are days I have difficulty with it, too. But on a night like tonight, I am NOTHING BUT GRATEFUL that's he's our Commander-In-Chief.

Tell me the truth, in this exact moment, would you really rather it was LENI fighting ISIS and their ilk? Come on, man. People can't possibly be that stupid. If so, that's crystal-clear bias and idiocy.

There's a time to drop the hate. Pick up afterwards all you want. But if you're hating on Duterte right now, YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

Now, more than ever, friends and foes alike, let's be supportive and responsible Filipino citizens. We kinda need to because tangina Isis.

PS - In case you've forgotten, the Prime Minister of France called for Martial Law too when Paris was attacked.
🇵🇭 Relax your faces and dry your vaginas...our leader is on the way.

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