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Of seeing Vladimir Putin in flesh

Vladimir Putin In The Flesh
At the opening ceremonies of the Belt and Road Forum, I had the opportunity of seeing Russian President Vladimir Putin in the flesh.

The man oozes with confidence, no wonder he is very much respected both in his home countty and abroad.

Chinese President Xi Jin Ping also gave an impressive speech at the Opening Ceremonies of the event attended by 28 wprld leaders including our very own Pres. Rody Duterte.

For those who are wondering why I am shown standing in the sidelines, I actually stood during the whole ceremony because they ran out of chairs for the Philippine Delegation.

Obviously, somebody who was not supposed to be there got my seat.

Labor Secretary Bebot Bello sympathized with me and stood beside me for about one hour but later went back to his seat when Pres. Putin spoke.

But I did not make a big fuss. I just stood for about two hours beside the photographers.

Besides, the view was better from where I stood.

#NoProbsSanaySaHirap! #PailobLangSano!

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