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Taguiwalo: Postponement of confirmation 'a kind of torture'

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 17) — For the third time, the Commission on Appointments (CA) postponed the confirmation of Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo on Wednesday.

In a statement today, Taguiwalo commented on the delay of the confirmation hearing, "This is a form of torture that I am being subjected to by the CA and its members. I am very willing to submit to their questioning and answer all of them."

"It is not clear as to why the CA should continue to delay this process of confirmation or non-confirmation if such is their wish. What is clear is that all this has the effect of torture on me."

Despite the postponement, Taguiwalo said she will continue to serve.

"Confirm me if they will or not confirm me if such is their wish; I am in office to serve the Filipino people, especially the poor and those in need. It is to them that I am most accountable."

She, however, hopes the appointing body sees that her deferment will have an adverse effect on the services provided by her Department.

"I hope the esteemed members of the CA also realize that postponing or delaying my confirmation hearing has a negative impact in one way or another on the DSWD and how it delivers its programs and services to the public. We are all placed in limbo - not just myself. It is for all these reasons that I feel such deep dismay and disappointment."

Taguiwalo accepted President Rodrigo Duterte's offer to head the Department of Social Welfare and Development on May 2016. She was a nominee of the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front (CPP-NDF) along with Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano.

Taguiwalo was recently in the headlines after figuring in an exchange with Senator Tito Sotto who commented on Taguiwalo's family setup.

The Secretary, a single mother of two children, explained that she doesn't consider her personal life as a typical family setup.

"I never had a father-mother-children kind of thing except when I was growing up in Bacolod... My story would be different from stories of those who have gone through...," she said.

Deviating from her story, Sotto tried to explain what to call a person who raises children on their own.

"In the street language, when you have children and you are single, ang tawag dun e, 'na-ano lang,'" he said.

Taguiwalo, a champion for gender equality and women empowerment, replied that as a professor, she respects all kinds of families.

Amid the laughter in the room, Taguiwalo calmly said, "Senator Sotto, I teach women studies. So, we respect all kinds of families and that includes solo parents."

CNN Philippines' Ina Andolong and Lara Tan contributed to this report.

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