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BBC host exposes ignorant, malicious and stupid Trillanes during live TV interview

By Orion Perez

Stephen Sackur TOTALLY DEMOLISHED that idiotic fool Antonio Trillanes!

Trillanes should commit suicide if he wants to regain some semblance of honor after being ravaged like that.
The idiot Trillanes even kept idiotically insisting that Duterte's economic plans rest on an "inflationary tax reform program" that is anti-poor.
Geez! How stupid can Trillanes get?

Duterte's radical reform programme is multi-pronged, and the tax reform programme is just one part of that multi-pronged reform strategy.

Duterte already has been actively bringing in foreign direct investors and has fostered positive relations with other countries who have pledged (and are actively bringing in) investment deals which will increase dramatically after one of his most important reforms happens along with his Constitutional Reform agenda: Duterte is intent on removing or at the very least EASING the anti-foreign direct investment restrictions that prevent multinational corporations and other foreign direct investors from flooding into the country to create massive employment opportunities to help combat poverty and greatly reduce unemployment.

Although Stephen Sackur didn't mention it, he hinted at Duterte's poverty reduction programme aimed at helping the people from the poorest rural areas, particularly in the south, and this is precisely what Duterte's push for FEDERALISM --- in conjunction with his strategy of easing the anti-FDI restrictions in the constitution and in the law is all about.

And here's where Trillanes shows just how STUPID and BRAIN-DEAD he is...

Trillanes kept on idiotically mentioning that Duterte's tax reform programme is "inflationary" and "anti-poor."


Trillanes really is stupid and brain-dead. How can Duterte's tax reform programme be inflationary and anti-poor, when the gist of his tax reform involves REDUCING TAXES -- both corporate and personal income taxes -- especially to the point of changing the tax brackets so that people who earn less than 25,000 pesos (or was it 30,000 pesos) monthly will not be subjected to income taxes, and yet the lowest tax bracket will be much lower than the current tax percentage levied on anyone earning a salary.

In short, Duterte aims to allow ordinary Filipinos the ability to enjoy more of their money so that they have more disposable income. He also aims to further augment the attractiveness of the Philippines as an investment destination not just by making it easier for foreign investors to come in by removing or at least easing the restrictions against them, but also by lowering their corporate taxes.

In the end, the Duterte strategy for economic development is based on common sense and is consistent with what Singapore did:

1) Allow more job-creating foreign direct investors to come into the Philippines by removing the restrictions that keep them out.
2) Attract more of these companies by lowering the corporate tax rate.
3) Allow Filipinos to save more money or have higher disposable incomes by lowering personal income tax rates and reforming the tax bracket so that low-to-medium earners need not pay income taxes so that they and their families can enjoy their earnings or save more.
4) Duterte's Peace and Order focus builds confidence among ordinary Filipinos and businessmen -- both local and foreign -- as the Philippines ends up becoming a safe and stable environment that all the more attracts more investors to come in.
5) Duterte's relationship-building with countries that we tended to ignore and avoid in the past has opened more opportunities as we now have new partners for business development, trade, and other opportunities for growth.
7) Duterte has also had an extremely tough stance against graft and corruption which again strengthens the attractiveness of the Philippines as an investment location. Nothing beats the fact that Duterte is seen as a no-nonsense tough guy who means business when he says he will get rid of graft and corruption. Being tough on crime and wrongdoing usually ends up being good for economic development.

Trillanes has been thoroughly humiliated and it's time for him to just kill himself.

WATCH the entire interview here:

BBC host exposes ignorant, malicious and stupid Trillanes during live TV interview BBC host exposes ignorant, malicious and stupid Trillanes during live TV interview Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 4:02:00 PM Rating: 5

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