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BREAKING: Masked men attack Resorts World Manila

SWAT teams and fire brigades have surrounded the large Resorts World Manila complex, located next to the Philippine capital’s international airport, after reports of gunfire and explosions inside.

Eyewitnesses posted videos on Twitter in which apparent gunshots could be heard emanating from the country’s biggest leisure center, which includes a mall, cinema and casino, while photos were uploaded of a panicky crowd gathered outside.

One picture featured white smoke billowing from the top of the complex.

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Updates about the incident at Resorts World Manila immediately populated social networks in the Philippines.

Here's the latest:

-Thick smoke coming off the top floor of Resorts World MNL. Gunshots were allegedly heard by people inside the casino area.
-Several wounded after they hurriedly evacuated Resorts World Manila due to alleged shooting incident.
-From Jay Dones, radio Inquirer: "Employees report seeing two armed men in masks enter thru the basement and fire exit of the casino and began shooting"
- Successive gunshots are heard from the area
- Ambulances are also on standby
- Smoke is coming from the building

VIDEO from social media:

Just got off multiple calls. ALTHOUGH WE ARE STILL UNCERTIAN AS TO WHO THESE ATTACKERS ARE, there's rampant speculation that Isis has penetrated the Resorts World Manila area, specifically Marriot Hotel.

I've spoken to several sources now in government and in Malacañang as well as friends from RWM and all we know for sure at the moment is that there's been gunfire, crowds running, and the attackers are in masks.

(Earlier today, reports came in that actual members of Isis -- and not just the Maute group -- have taken part in the Marawi situation.)
Will keep you posted as more info comes in.

Please stay safe, everyone,"
writes Franco Mabanta.

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