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President Duterte is 'in a coma' -Carlos Celdran

The jerkiest Dilawan Troll is soo back! The douchiest scumbag is back in town!

I thought he had burnt in hell? I was so wrong.
Someone across the ocean sent us a very juicy scoop that Carlos Celdran aka the bayaran at kapit tuko tour guide is spreading a fake news claiming that the President is in coma!

His proof? An anonymous text.

He's been posting it on his private Facebook page where he and fellow yellow zombies converge.

Doesn't he have the balls to make his insidious agenda public? Well, it's not actually surprising given how Dilawan warriors are only good in keyboard wars.

Anyway, here are the proof of Carlos Celdran's kabobohan and his alipores as his cheer leaders.

Carlos Celdran, just like his bffs Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag and Leah Navarro are true blooded lunatics brought about by their mere loyalty to their supreme goddess Leni Robredo and the now infamous Mar 'Boy Palpak' Roxas.

And ladies and gents, representing the minions of the Yellow Zombie Land chit chatting on a thread that they thought was private.

It's also good to note that these people have actually good achievements in life. but why do they have these kind of mindsets?
Philippines, remember those faces above. These are the people who posses the attitude of a Padre Damaso.

Their minds have been poisoned by LP. Well, it's not really that surprising since Mar Roxas' and Leni Robredo's madness is infectious.

How can they sleep at night with that kind of attitude? Must be normal for them. #Disente

PS I'd to see Paolo Basa providing proofs that his 72-year-old parents can still stay up to 6am in the morning. Paolo, we're waiting. Okay, besh?

President Duterte is 'in a coma' -Carlos Celdran President Duterte is 'in a coma' -Carlos Celdran Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 5:12:00 AM Rating: 5

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