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Resorts World Manila Incident: What we know so far

SWAT teams and fire brigades have surrounded the large Resorts World Manila complex, located next to the Philippine capital’s international airport, after reports of gunfire and explosions inside.

Gunfire and explosions were reported at the hotel sometime after midnight Friday local time. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority reported that there is a "fire alert" at the Resort World Manila in Pasay about 12:30 a.m. local time.
Police and emergency crew are at the scene.

Videos posted on social media show hotel guests running out of the resorts with sounds of apparent gunfire in the background. Some reported seeing a masked man with a gun inside the building.

Resorts World Manila is touted as a popular tourist destination that includes a shopping center, casino hotel. It's located near the Manila International Airport.

The Philippines have been grappling with unrest in the Mindanao region, where President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law last week.

Eyewitnesses posted videos on Twitter in which apparent gunshots could be heard emanating from the country’s biggest leisure center, which includes a mall, cinema and casino, while photos were uploaded of a panicky crowd gathered outside.

VIDEOS from around the web:

Michel Deliso on ANC, quoting witnesses:

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