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Suprise! No one is downloading, using NUJP's fake news blocker

It seems like NUJP (National Union of Journalists of the Philippines) is adamant to address the lingering questions about their much hyped chrome extension that blocks any content from websites that they personally picked and tagged as a purveyor of fake news.

The problem is, their mere parameter is if they don't know who the writers of the site are. If a site doesn't reveal the identities of the writers, NUJP, wherein most presstitutes flock, will tag the site as fake.

The pimps, I mean, the peeps at NUJP sure know their history, right? Have they forgotten how Filipino writers hid behind pseudonyms to protect themselves from Spaniards?

Filipino idealists nowadays are just doing the same. Yes, we have ideas and opinions, but we're too powerless to openly tell the world that these opinion pieces came from us.

Presstitutes at NUJP must be thinking they have the sole right to inform the public which is absolutely not correct.

Anyway, so much for that... let me pass on a not-so-welcome news on the part of the hardworking guys at NUJP.

After all the hype, after all the much publicized launch of their universe-saving chrome extension that basically blocks websites that they don't like (worst, websites that threatens their patrons and their businesses), NUJP's Fakeblok still failed to get traction.

NUJP's crapy extension was launched earlier this month.

A short cruise to Google Chrome's webstore reveals how many users had actually installed the extension into their computers.

According to this data from Google, the extension only have 1,722 users as to date.

Yep, a fucking 1,722 users.

That number is just like a dot in this humongous universe of ours if we reconcile it with the total number of internet users in the Philippines.

Based on the January 2017 report released by social media agency We Are Social and social media management platform Hootsuite, there are now at least 60 million internet users in the Philippines.
*60 million users vs. 1,722 downloads.

This discovery basically tells us (in one way or another):
-NUJP's grip to powers is fading
-Less Filipinos have trust in NUJP
-NUJP is not as influential as how they present themselves
-NUJP is nothing but a bunch of presstitutes who only serve their patrons and their interests

If NUJP is really truthful to their pledge, how come we never heard them condemn Inquirer (the most corrupt media firm in the country - context: mining interests) and Rappler for publishing fake news just weeks ago.

Instead of condemning these corrupt practices, most media practitioners chose to remain silent because, according to them, there's a conflict of interest.

Right, SPO4 Pia Ranada?

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