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'Filipinos prioritize their techy needs than their hunger' -Report

According to a report, many Filipinos prioritize their TECHY Needs than their hunger.
Noah Dave Luchansky
"We interviewed many teens and most of the respondents said that they will save their money to buy a daily cell phone credits (load) for their unlimited internet and unlimited call and texts and for upgrading of their phone units to a latest model smart phone models than buying foods," Korea News reported.

Many Filipinos also preferred to keep online in the internet whole day or texting and chatting in the social networks sitting aside the right time of eating habit. Right food and right eating habits are becoming less priority than their TECHY needs and hunger.

Even people in the shanty houses in Manila prioritized their phone credits and load than their foods. They could not afford to buy their foods but they could afford to buy phone credits (load)

In some provinces in the central and southern Philippines, an expression in their local terms "bahalag walay kaon basta maka text (mawala ra nang ka gutom)" (I don't care if I am hungry as it will just passed, the important is I could text) is very common. Teens will prefer to keep texting and they don't have time to cook for their meals.

Hunger issues in the country are not just about insufficient foods or inability to buy foods but the attitude of many Filipinos that prioritizes their TECHY needs over their hunger.

Many people also believes that living like the rich people who could afford to the most expensive foods is their desired satisfaction not the usual home cooked foods which feed their minds that they are still hungry even they eat many times a day.

Other factor also is the name of the restaurant where they eat and not the nutritional value of the food they eat. Home cooking or "the Lutong Bahay" has becoming less valued than eating at the fast food chain restaurant.

Source: Korea News

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