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Lacson, Ejercito vs Trillanes: Trillanes to face ethics probe?

Senator JV Ejercito on Tuesday said fellow Senator Antonio Trillanes IV could face an ethics investigation for accusing his colleagues of being "puppets" and "lapdogs" of the Duterte administration.
"Maybe it is high time that we refer to the Senate Ethics Committee Sen. Trillanes' actions since he is becoming damaging to the institution, and becoming destructive to the country," Ejercito said in a statement on the Senate website.

Trillanes on Monday said the Senate is becoming a lapdog of the administration after some senators refused to conduct hearings on issues that may put President Rodrigo Duterte in a bad light.

Without naming names, Trillanes said committee chairs who were supposed to scrutinize the alleged abuses committed by the government have succumbed to cowardice.

"I find the recent statements of Senator Trillanes disrespectful and unparliamentary. He should be reminded that as a democratic institution, we in the Senate debate issues instead of hurling insults; we vote instead of calling each other names when we disagree," Ejercito said.

"We have 23 independent minds duly elected in the Senate. But even when we disagree on a number of issues, we maintain our respect for one another. I hope Senator Trillanes would do the same. I hope he will stop destroying this institution simply because he is rabidly against this administration," he added.

Trillanes, meanwhile, said he "would welcome any ethics complaint" filed in the Senate.

"If Sen. Ejercito believes that my statement that the Senate is becoming a lapdog of the Duterte administration is highly offensive yet sees nothing wrong with Duterte's rape comments to the soldiers, then we really have a problem," he said.

Trillanes is one of the most vocal critics of President Duterte in the Senate, while Ejercito belongs to the majority coalition.

Trillanes and Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano earlier sent a supplemental complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court, saying the "State is unwilling to even investigate the extrajudicial killings in the country and, because of the president’s immunity, unable to prosecute President Duterte.”

The President's chief legal counsel has said the complaint filed before the ICC is "intrinsically flawed."


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