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Leni's LTO PR stunt backfires, raises serious legal questions

So Leni Robredo, the second most powerful person in the country, trooped to LTO earlier today to allegedly renew her Driver's License.
Noah Luchansky
LTO Bicol hailed Leni as the person full with humility - that despite possessing vast power and influence- she chooses to remain living like a commoner. That narrative, paired with crisp photos from this morning's spectacle, is a picture-perfect optic crafted for her by her well-paid PR managers.

It's all good until you see the entire picture.

This is what the LTO station looks like when Leni renewed her license:
Noah Luchansky
Noah Luchansky
Noah Luchansky

JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Today, Vice President Leni Robredo came to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Naga District Office to renew her driver's license. Just like the rest of our clients, VP Robredo took a queueing number and waited for her turn in order to complete her transaction.

The office practices fairness in dealing with its clients. It delivers the same kind of quality and efficient service to all."

The LTO Bicol said in a post. Netizens were quick to point out the LTO Bicol chief is a close friend of Leni Robredo.

Noah Luchansky
Noah Luchansky

Aaand, where's the queue?
Noah Luchansky

Netizens were puzzled as to why no one else was there on the day when Leni Robredo allegedly renewed her driver's license.

This is how LTO Bicol looks like during normal days ie when Leni Robredo isn't one of the clients.
Noah Luchansky
Jam packed! 
Taken around 21 hours ago, that's how normal days are at LTO Bicol, as posted on the agency's official Facebook page.

Did Leni Robredo violate US laws?

Mark Lopez raised a very interesting point.


Leni Robredo is in the news because she renewed her driver's license yesterday at the LTO office in Bicol.

Her birthday is April. She applied for renewal July. So 3 months have passed since the expiry of her driver's license.

Is it an issue? Well, Benjie Daisy Contreras raised an interesting point.

Leni proudly posted that she drove around the Harvard area in Cambridge,Massachusetts, together with daughter Aika last June.

So she drove in the US. So what do US laws say about foreigners driving in their country?
Specifically, what does the state law of Massachusetts say about this?

So a simple google search and presto! We have the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle guidelines for foreigners (see below)

Conclusion: Leni Robredo drove around Cambridge with an expired license, which is in violation of the state regulation for foreigners to be permitted to drive.

The Vice President of the Philippines committing an illegal act in foreign land.

Too trivial? Nitpicking? This post is now open for any comment, analysis, observation, dispute, reaction and POVs.

You be the judge peeps...

One would wonder why Leni had to undergo such stunt when we all know its nothing but bullshit. Then I remembered Leni's plummeting ratings. Then I understood.

Leni has to save her sinking existence.

As any desperate politician would do, Leni Robredo is merely following suit. Pathetic.

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