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Former Abs-Cbn journalist vouches for Tisha Bautista and her 'young and idealistic' lawyers

Here's a poginant Facebook post of Charie Villa.

To those asking if I am the PR of Tisha Cruz Bautista, I am not. There is no money exchanged between us. I know Tisha when she and Alvin Lim were running the Angel Brigade (a network of do gooders) and Tao Po. We collaborated on certain projects like during the Haiyan Disaster in Tacloban when we tried "Help Connect", ie. linking those who can give relief goods to those who can deliver. I was still with Abs cbn while doing Tao Po.
Noah Luchansky
PTPA Noah Luchansky
Tisha and I reconnected when she approached me after Jun Villa my brother took his life after a depression he went through caused by corruption in workplace ERC. Tisha asked what she can do with what she had discovered in her house. This was like in February 2017. I studied and looked at what she has. I was shocked as well. I quietly did some research, but Tisha at that time was not ready to come out. I am currently freelancing as a journalist, choosing which news organizations to work for. If the story hits my heart and conscience, I do it and give it my time and effort. I've worked on several stories for CNN international BBC and AP. I have no permanent affiliations. 

Re Tisha's story, months after she told me, just last Friday in fact, when she and her young and idealistic lawyers came back to me saying Tisha is ready to speak, I called on news people I know and trust. They were the ones who interviewed Tisha last Friday. I am just correcting some information that are obviously misleading. Tisha's coming out is not connected to any political party, or any business agenda. Some are of course riding on it, using it to further their political ends. Of course the main subject is a political figure, the head of the commission on elections. I told Tisha the ripples of throwing a rock. But she was determined, and yes scared. I told her courage is a hard choice, but it will eventually give her freedom. But what she said about her children made me tear up. " I am doing this for my children. Even if I am killed, at least they will know ONE parent said NO to corruption. I will leave them with that."

Tisha's lawyers who are 27-35 yrs old are all still very idealistic. One was even a student of Nilo Divina in law school. They said they are doing this because they want to fight corruption especially in the justice system and the legal circle here in the Philippines.

Another lawyer Martin Loon, is the son of former RAM YOU leader Col Ariel Querubin.

When I whatsapped Martin asking if he and the Guardians (how tisha calls her group of lawyers) are ready before all of these came out... he messaged back saying "Everything is God." And he added "Even Buddha said there are three things that can never be hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth."

Former Abs-Cbn journalist vouches for Tisha Bautista and her 'young and idealistic' lawyers Former Abs-Cbn journalist vouches for Tisha Bautista and her 'young and idealistic' lawyers Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 9:16:00 PM Rating: 5

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