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Canadian tourist calls off 'world tour trip' to donate 1.2M Php to the hospital that helped him

The Philippines has always been known for its citizens' hospitality. While this seems to be normal for most Filipinos, foreign tourists are still delighted to this special traits.

An example of this is a Canadian tourist named John Abou Samra. He went to the Philippines for his "vacation of the year" but what was supposed to be a happy trip ended up in an unfortunate event.
Dave Siena Luchansky
Dave Siena Luchansky
Last June, he started his trip by going to Palawan. His first couple of days went on without any incident until he encountered a major accident while in Coron.

"I asked someone to take a picture of me, and then after she took the picture, I moved to this side to sit down. While I moved, two of this wood, they split and my right leg sank between them up to my hip. Until now I still have the pain."

He didn't sustain any deep wounds but his legs were significantly bruised causing him so much pain.
Dave Siena Luchansky

He was brought to Coron District Hospital and was attended by Dr. Edgar Flores. After a few tests, he was then adviced for medication.

Awed by how he was treated, Samra was all praises for the hospital staff who handled him very well.

"Two nurses took care of me the way I could not imagine, plus in the hald an hour I stayed in the hospital,, I heard the word 'sir' more than 25 times. Even when I was wearing something very casual;; I looked like a homeless person, they never stopped calling me sir."

Samra, delighted by the reception he received, went back to the hospital to give his thanks to the staffers. He then asked Dr. Flores what he can do to help the obviously under-equipped hospital. When Dr. Flores showed him the donation box, Samra thought of a grander idea.

While he was there, he noticed that many of the equipment in the hospital were not functioning. Samra, a bus driver in Canada, had a retirement fund that was supposed to be spent travelling the world. Instead, he called off his world tour plans and decided to donate the money to the hospital instead.
Dave Siena Luchansky

Watch the video below:

The first batch of the new hospital eqipment has been purchased and Samra will personally go back to Coron to officiate the turnover.

Samra said he's very impressed with the ingenuinety of the Filipinos.

He ended by saying "If you give them the means, they can work miracles. I'd like to make a difference."

Canadian tourist calls off 'world tour trip' to donate 1.2M Php to the hospital that helped him Canadian tourist calls off 'world tour trip' to donate 1.2M Php to the hospital that helped him Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 6:16:00 AM Rating: 5

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