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Ginawang basurahan ang Pinas! Trudeau won't take back Canadian trash

Trudeau won’t take back Canadian trash
Siena Luchansky
PTPA Siena Luchansky
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to make epal cute. If you don’t scrutinize his actions, you will fall for him hook, line, and sinker, because he is an expert at diverting people’s attention from real issues with his pa-cute moves.

Ordering takeout at Jollibee; jogging in Makati; having selfies with people; getting out of his car for photo ops — these are calculated moves from his public relations team to intensify his appeal to the Filipinos so we’ll forget that his country is yet to remove the tons of illegally shipped trash that are rotting at the port of Manila for four years.

For those who don’t know, Canada illegally shipped about 100 shipping vans of household waste (soiled diapers and other yucky stuff) in 2013. Canada is yet to remove this although they claim that taking it back is “theoretically possible.”

The pa-pogi Canadian prime minister is washing his hands on the issue. He claims that it is not the Canadian government that sent all those trash to the Philippines, but some private business. For a country that claims to be a climate change advocate, their actions don’t match what they preach.
Apart from doing nothing about the trash problem, the PR-hungry Canadian prime minister has decided to attack President Rodrigo Duterte.

During his informal talk with President Duterte, the pa-pogi prime minister had the gall to tell the president that he has to respect the rule of law and in effect accused the president of masterminding all the alleged extrajudicial killings that happened in the country.

What was his basis in telling the president of a sovereign republic to respect the rule of law? Does he know what is really happening in our country? Does he know that since President Duterte waged a war on drugs criminality has gone down? Does he know that many of those “victims” of the alleged extrajudicial killings were casualties of gang wars?

Such arrogance!

He was received by President Duterte warmly. He was adored by the Filipinos. Yet, he went on to insult us. He is the best person not to invite to any party. He will steal the limelight and then insult the host.

The ignorance and hubris of Trudeau is a result of biased mainstream media coverage. Their slanted news and unverified reporting has caused leaders from other countries to form uniformed negative opinion about our president and our country.

This has to stop. We can’t allow countries and world leaders to look at our leader in a negative light, especially if none of the negativities are true.

Ginawang basurahan ang Pinas! Trudeau won't take back Canadian trash Ginawang basurahan ang Pinas! Trudeau won't take back Canadian trash Reviewed by AsianPolicy.Press on 5:13:00 AM Rating: 5

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