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What exactly the Philippines reaped from hosting ASEAN Summit this year? Here's the long list

How the Filipinos benefited from funding the ₱15.5 billion-ASEAN 2017 summit
Originally posted on Kent Tangcalagan's Facebook page
Dave Luchansky
PTPA Dave Luchansky
1. Signing of the ASEAN Consensus on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers - also provides for respect for gender and nationality and protection against violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

2. Over ₱1.15 billion from China in form of grants to help rebuild war-torn Marawi and provide livelihood for displaced residents. Also, over ₱355 billion in soft loans and grants to fund infrastructure (e.g. railway, expressway, irrigation, drug rehabilitation centers). Fourteen deals were signed between the two countries covering the above in addition to youth development, climate change, defense and intellectual property.

3. ₱6.7 billion from Japan in assistance to help strengthen the country's maritime surveillance capability to fight radicalization and violent extremism.

4. ASEAN and China’s signing of Declaration for a Decade of Coastal and Marine Environmental Protection in the South China Sea, expected to last from 2017 to 2027.

5. Commencement of formal multi-party negotiations for the finalization of a Code of Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.

6. An increase from the ₱421.7 billion (2015) total Hongkong-Philippines trade with the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) for the reduction of trade barriers.

7. FTA proposal between the Philippines and the US to further improve trade relations.

8. ₱715 million from Canada in investment over five years to improve access to reproductive health in the Philippines.

9. Joint US-Philippine statement ensuring the mainstreaming of the human rights agenda in both country’s national programs.

10. Signing of three memorandums of agreement (MOAs) with New Zealand with regards to education, joint airline marketing, geothermal energy experience sharing and improvement of weather intelligence.

11. Signing of nine MOAs with the Russian Federation with regards to energy cooperation, fighting terrorism, railway infrastructure exploration, transport education and inter-departmental government partnerships.

12. FTA proposal between ASEAN and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), a trade block comprising of Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

13. FTA bilateral proposal between Philippines the European Union, pending EU conditions of trade regulations in relation to the latter’s operational definition of “human rights” and “rule of law”.

14. The Focused and Strategic (FAST) Action Agenda on Investment which aligns with the goals and four pillars of the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA)

15. The maiden voyage of the ASEAN RO-RO that plied the Davao-General Santos-Bitung route

16. The adoption of the ASEAN Seamless Trade Facilitation Indicators (ASTFI) by the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) in September 2017

17. The development of the ASEAN Inclusive Business Framework (AIBF) that to promote Inclusive Business in ASEAN

18. The adoption of the ASEAN Work Programme on Electronic Commerce (AWPEC) 2017-2025 in September 2017

19. The Philippines’ first full and comprehensive Country Visit exercise under the AEC 2025 Monitoring and & Evaluation Framework in the Philippines October 2017

20. The adoption by the ASEAN Leaders of the Action Agenda on Mainstreaming Women’s Economic Empowerment in ASEAN

21. The ASEAN Declaration on Innovation, which will be one of the outcome documents that will be adopted at the 31st ASEAN Summit

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